Stick it up your Argos- A review

Lately, you may have noticed that we disappeared off the map and haven’t been posting the way that we once did. It shouldn’t surprise you that the reason is drama. Lots and lots of drama. Let’s start with my most recent customer experience when I bought a fridge from Argos….

Here is a fun fact for you, my fridge broke. Then my freezer broke. Awesome. Absolutely outstanding. Just what you need when you have children and a busy home. So, I done a quick shop around and found one that I liked on Argos. My main reason for shopping there is because I have bought other household items from there without much hassle. I’ll use that term loosely because I’m in Northern Ireland and trying to get stuff delivered here is a nightmare at the best of times.

So, I ordered the fridge. I paid for the fridge. I expected the fridge to be delivered within 9 working days. I’m sure that you can guess from the tone of this post that the fridge was “difficult” to get delivered. Don’t get me wrong, they were quick enough to take the money out of my bank account, but getting it to me was another thing entirely.

After a week of no contact I had to phone Argos to see where my fridge was. They had not emailed or phoned me about the delivery so I tried to track it down. When I phoned on the Monday the following week, I got some snot nosed cheeky little madam who gave me attitude. How dare I try and find out where my new fridge was! When she was done being a complete dingbat, she informed me that the fridge would be delivered on Friday at some point between 7am and 7pm. Anytime within that 12 hour period.

I sat in that Friday for the full 12 hours. No phone call or nothing. By hour 11 I was getting worried. Had they banged the door while I was having a pee and I didn’t notice? So I phoned customer services and waited for 40 minutes on hold. While I was waiting I decided to voice my displeasure on Twitter.


By the time I was connected to someone I was livid. Angry. 50,000 feet and climbing. Or whatever other words you can think of to describe a woman who has just wasted 12 hours of her life on a delivery that didn’t show. But it gets worse. Not only did it not show, it wasn’t even booked in yet! While speaking to another cheeky cat, who happened to be a manager, I was informed that “deliveries overseas” take time. Right love, listen up. Northern Ireland isn’t “overseas”, it’s part of the UK. And the tone in which it was said, well, that was just f**king racist. We have Argos stores over here. The one in my town gets 3 deliveries a week. Exactly what was stopping you shipping the fridge over with one of the store deliveries and have the courier pick it up from one of the larger stores? I’m not an expert in logistics but a bit of common sense would be appreciated!

In my fit of rage down the phone I cancelled the order and told them to…well, “stick it up their Argos”. You would think that the drama would be over. Of course it isn’t! On Monday morning, after the war with customer services, a local courier company phone me asking if I was in because they have my fridge. Here’s me says wha?!? Yep! Argos had completely ignored the fact that I had told them to cancel the order. In fact, when I spoke to the customer service advisor at Argos, I was told they “didn’t bother issuing a refund”.


After all of the drama Argos sent me a gift card with an entire £15 on it! Wow! But clearly, after all of this, I will never shop there again. So, I would like to give one lucky duck a chance to win the gift card! Simply go to our Facebook page for the details on how to enter. And feel free to share the drama on Twitter with #stickitupyourargos and we can all hug and cry together. *Please note- the Facebook competition has now closed but feel free to pop over and give the page a like anyway.*

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