Fat Shaming: Why it will never go away

Fat shaming is one of those subjects that no-one wants to touch in case they get accused of fat shaming. But highlighting a complex social issue should not be the reason to tear strips off someone. And it should not be confused with someone who is actually fat shaming. But the questions remain, what is fat shaming really and how do we deal with it?

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Now now, everyone calm down

A while back I was accused to being a bully on twitter just because I used the #CameronMustGo thingy that is going around for the last while. I’m offended by that statement and to call someone a bully, or in this case anyone who has been using this hashtag, a bully. It is missing the point of what is going on. Sure, a lot of people are using it to vent about the injustice that they can see happening around them, and maybe we aren’t going about it the right way. So I sat down and had a think. How can we make this better? How can we get our point across without seeming like thugs? How can we make the a change that will force the Government to take notice? A plan evolved as I mused over the possibilities. Violence is not an option but action is.

What we can do-

  1. Get rid of our debt- This is a hard one for most people because most of us are up to our eyes with bills. But we can get rid of it. I have been credit blacklisted for a few years now, I don’t have a credit card to fall back on if I have a sudden expense, and I’m slowly paying back all the money I owe. And you know what? Being blacklisted is probably one of the best things that has happened to me. I learnt how to manage my money better and make do with what I have. It’s hard at times but it’s a better way to live. Once I’m debt free again I will not be taking out any more credit. Whenever you use your credit card or take out a loan, all you are doing is funding the banks. With what they have been up to in the last few years, I’d rather not take part in the lining the pockets of those guys. We need to take control of our money again and by starving the banks of the interest from credit cards and loans, we can force them to make changes that will work for us.
  2. Spread your wealth- If you are one of the fortunate people who has a savings account, ask yourself this, do you really need that money? What good is it doing you? Give it to charity or help out your family members who maybe aren’t so lucky. If that money is doing nothing other than collecting dust in a saving account then maybe you should think about doing something with it. Ok, nobody wants to hand over their life savings to a stranger but if that money is for your kids after you have gone then give it to them now and watch them enjoy it. Pay off their debts, take yourself away on holiday, give some to your local animal shelter, keep some of it for yourself. Enjoy spending it because you can’t take it with you when you pop your clogs.
  3. Go local- I read something a while ago that shocked me. Did you know that if you went to Tesco or Asda and spent £100 only £15 of that money would go back into the local economy? But if you went to your local butcher and spent the same amount of money nearly £45 would go back into the local economy. That’s scary. Where is all that money going? The moon? But this is the kicker, if we all started shopping with our local small businesses, the recession would be over in no time as we would be funding the local economy and local suppliers instead of having to import from aboard. In your local area I’m sure that you would find clothes makers, local designers, food shops, so there is no reason why we need to shop with the big giants. If your own income is a concern, don’t let it be. A lot of local businesses will give you a good deal and will help you shop on a budget. Just ask them and you will be surprised how much they will be willing to help you.
  4. Don’t listen to the big media- I might come as a surprise to you all but I used to freelance for a lot of papers and magazines. I’ve been published internationally and locally mainly doing fluff pieces for a giggle. But when I tried to up my game and write about real world problems that people were telling me about, when it came to get the story run I was told to “drop it”. That was my experience two years ago and I only recently found out that the Government controls around 75% of the media. That explains a lot. When I was working in newspaper sales I got some amount of abuse for the content of the papers. It was one-sided, the writers didn’t know what they were talking about, the paper only printed the articles that took a certain spin on a story. These people, as horrible as they were to me, were right. Big media is controlled and funded by the Government so they are forced to put a certain spin on stories. And when they do publish a story calling the MP’s out, it’s done in a certain way that they aren’t really the bad guys. Freedom of speech and the internet means that people like me, people who have been apart of the media marketing machine can publish what we want. Sure, we don’t have the trusted name of a big paper behind us but there is a good chance that at one time we did. Support those people whose voice is not censored by the corporations and governments who want them to remain silent. We all don’t sit wearing tinfoil hats while we rant about the world, some of us are normal. Promise.

What the Government needs to do-

I’m not expert on any of this but it appears that certain things are coming to light as time goes on.

  1. Wage cuts- Yes Mr Prime Minister, it’s time you and all your boys took a pay cut. You complain that the country is in the toilet but have yet to cut your own pay cheque. Instead you choose to cut front line workers while you sit and drink bubbly. I have no idea how much these guys all get paid but I would imagine that even taking a small pay cut would fund a hell of a lot things.
  2. Do something useful- A lot of these guys have been privately educated so why are they not doing something useful with those big brains? Maybe it’s just me but if I had that type of education behind me I would be doing something a bit more useful with myself, like curing cancer or ending hunger.

Sadly that was all I could think of but at least it’s a start. A blueprint for others to use to build a better plan on. But one last thing, instead of using #CameronMustGo, lets use #empowerthepeople because that’s what it is about. Cameron may be our current target but who says that the next one will be any better? Let’s keep ourselves empowered and make our world a better place.

Equal Rights for everyone

The happy couple

I like to think I’m a forward thinking person. I believe in equal rights for everyone. I believe that if gay couples want to get married they should, who I am to complain about two people loving each other? I don’t judge someone on the colour of their skin or their religion, I have the decency to get to know a person before I decide if they are an asshole or not. I’m a feminist and I believe that men and women should be treated the same in the workplace. But for some women, something has gone wrong. While most of us are campaigning for equal pay, the right to work without sexual discrimination, there are others who simply don’t get the concept. Let me explain…..

Recently my hubby-to-be got some new staff in his shop, namely a 19 year old girl. My hubby is the manager, her boss, but then there is the owner above him. It’s a butcher shop which is normally a male environment but these guys believe in equal rights too so she got the job because she said she could do it. Fair enough. Fast forward to the present day, and we have another day of this little girl being an asshole. In the space of time she has been there she has physically assaulted my hubby several times and rubs her hands all over him. The only reason I know about this is because of the marks she has left on his clothes and his body. His eye was left swollen after she slapped him round the head with a bleach soaked rag. He came home limping one day after she kicked him in the back of the kneecap. She tripped him up one day while he was carrying a sharp knife in his hand and he nearly fell on it. And today he has arrived home covered in chilli sauce after she decided to wipe her hands up and down his back and arms. The owner, my hubby’s boss, won’t sack her because she turned on the water works one day. She cried and carried on like a big child after she was pulled over her comments on gay marriage (she is completely against gay marriage and gay people, which is interesting seeing as the owners daughter is gay). So, he pulled her up about it, she cried, and now she gets away with everything because she turns on the water works every five minutes when they tell her to do something.

These are todays fingerprints on his shirt

Maybe I’m being over dramatic but what if the roles were reversed? What if a man was doing all this to a woman in the workplace? Would an employer stand back and allow this to happen to a woman? No, they wouldn’t because they would be shit scared of being sued. So why is a man expected to put up with childish and reckless behaviour from a woman? Keep in mind, this is only the stuff that I know about, there is probably loads of other things which have happened which I don’t know about.

Ladies, I’m going to keep my point short and sweet. We want equal rights but that means being treated equally. Do not behave like an asshole and then spout “equal rights” when you get pulled up about what you have done. If you are getting on like a big dick and get sacked because of it, it’s not discrimination, you’re just being a dick. And the only place big dicks are allowed in the workplace is if you are a Chippendale. Do not think that equal rights only apply to you, the woman in employment, this applies to the men too. So if we want equal rights, we have to abide by the same rules as the men.

The same rule applies for big boners

Tomorrow is a new day. But my hubby-to-be has to work with her again tomorrow. But seeing as the owners daughter is coming in to help them over the next few days, we will see how long she lasts having to work with a gay person.