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It’s been 100 since the guns fell silent and signaled the end of World War 1. It was supposed to be the “War to end all Wars” but we have all seen differently within our own lifetimes. The sacrifice of these men has granted us the freedom to live the life that we desire, something that we get to explore every week with the bloggers who answer the questions of The Big Quiz. Each blogger has the freedom to express themselves and live their life. This week, Katie from Living Life Our Way shares some info about her blog and homeschooling her daughter.



Occupation/blogger type

I am an ex teacher, now home educating mum of one daughter. Living Life Our Way is a family lifestyle blog that covers a wide range of subjects.



Describe your site/work in three words

Family lifestyle blog

What is your favourite book?

There are literally too many to name – I can’t think of a favourite!

What is your most hated word?


If you ruled the world, what’s the first thing you would do?

Declare peace! (Cliche yes, but true!)

Why did the chicken cross the road?

None of my business.

What is your star sign?


What is the weirdest/worst thing that has ever happened on a first date?

I can’t remember any first date, let alone bad one!

What is your favourite movie?

As with books, there are too many to choose from! It depends on time of year, my mood, genre etc… How do people pick just one?!

What is your favourite food?

Maybe favourite should be my most hated word LOL! Variety is clearly important to me 😉

What do you do to relax?

Write, watch TV, spend time with pets, get close to nature, spend time outdoors generally.

What is the most badass thing you have ever done?

I am so not a badass. Like literally nothing. I think I might have missed a uni lecture once to go drinking in the union. Yeah, I’m THAT badass.

Humble Brag time. Tell me something amazing that you are working on.

My blog. I am so proud of my blog, I literally achieved something out of absolutely nothing.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

Laughing with my parents. My first ever pet (a rabbit called Snowy).

If you could go back in time and give 16 year old you some advice, what would you tell yourself?

Balance all the drinking and partying with saving money and thinking about the future!

What is the meaning of life?

To find your purpose and live a fulfilling life in whatever way that means for you personally.

Can you dance?

Can you dance? yes, no, maybe

If money was not a factor, what would be your dream job?

Anything that allowed me freedom and opportunities to travel the world (on a whim rather than a schedule)!

What is your biggest achievement?

I wrote about this today. https://livinglifeourway.com/general-life/my-biggest-accomplishment/

What is playing on your internal jukebox right now?

Love Shack B52s and Have A Nice Day. I literally have no idea why!

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Galapagos Islands

What’s your favourite TV show?

I love reality TV – Love Island, Big Brother, Made in Chelsea, TOWIE and Celebs Go Dating etc… Plus stuff like Hunted. Oh and Big Bang Theory!

Any regrets?

I have a few. Then again, too few to mention…

Snapchat or Instagram

Facebook or Twitter

Jeans or dresses

Lover or a fighter?

What are your social media handles/links?

Twitter: @followourpath Facebook: www.facebook.com/livinglifeourwayblog Insta: www.instagram.com/living_life.our_way

If you would like to read more about World War 1, my book is available for pre-order. And remember to check out some of the other answers from other bloggers who have answered The Big Quiz.

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