Top Tips for a Top Wedding

Top Tips for a Top Wedding

The summer might be coming to an end but wedding season is far from over. Actually, just thinking about it, is there really a “wedding season” anymore? Because no matter what time of the year you choose to get hitched, you can tailor your wedding to fit the season. Here are some top tips for a top wedding day.

Each season has its limits

Having a summer wedding is nice but so is a winter wedding. With winter weddings, you get the possible chance of snow. Or you could end up with a freezing wind and frostbite. The same thing applies to summer weddings, you might some beautiful summer sun but you could also end up scorching temperatures which makes the frosting on the cake melt. But if you plan ahead and are prepared for possible weather changes, there is no reason that you can’t have a perfect wedding any time of the year.

Picking a venue

How are you supposed to pick the perfect venue when there are so many to choose from? And I’m not just talking about what is available in your local area. You might be tempted to have a look at possible venues in your local area, but what about abroad? One of the problems with going abroad is that some members of the family might not be able to make it. But if you wanted a location within the UK, you could still have a location wedding but minus the massive travel.

Big or small?

Have you thought about how big you want your wedding to be? One of the easiest ways to keep the cost of a wedding down is to shorten the guest list. It might seem cruel but you are the one paying for the wedding. And do you really want to have a massive crushing debt to start married life because you didn’t want to offend your great-aunt and cousins that you never see from one year to another? But on the other hand, if you want all of your family there, you could take some inspiration from bijou weddings to try and keep it smaller and elegant but still include everyone you want.

Make it personal

While it might be tempting to listen to everyone list off what they would like to see at your wedding, it is your big day. People can get over excited and throw ideas that they hope will make your day, but you probably have an idea of what you want. You can make the day as personal as you want. And don’t forget the groom, it’s his day too so don’t forget to get his input for what he wants. Don’t worry about what other people will think, if they wanted to see it at a wedding, they should have done it at their big day.

Food, food and more food

One of the biggest talking points about a wedding day is the food, trust me on this one. I’m going to confess, I didn’t like the food at my wedding. Everyone else did. I don’t like beef roast but my parents went ahead and picked that, I wanted chicken. But, everyone said that they enjoyed it and there was no shortage of food. Between the meal, the nibbles and the sweetie cart, people went home stuffed. Great. On the flip-side, I went as a guest to a wedding and left starving because they ran out of food. It was a greasy buffet that everyone went crazy over. But the people at the front of the line lifted too much and didn’t leave enough for the guests at the back of the queue. Awkward.

What are your top tips for a good wedding day? And do you have a wedding day disasters? Let me know in the comments section.

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