Monthly Favourites || Beauty & snacks || May 2016

Everyone has their favourite things in life. For me, this extends beyond beauty products (believe it or not). Sometimes it is nice to have other things to get excited about, it doesn’t matter if they are old or new. This month we talk shampoo, tea, and snacks.

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Irish Tea

latte lindsay tea

Thompsons Irish Breakfast Tea Bags 80PK

I have a real thing for tea at the minute, which can’t be helped seeing as I’m pregnant and can’t drink coffee. Which is a shame because I do miss coffee but the smell of it makes me gag a bit. I’m a real creature of habit so I have to have some type of hot beverage in the morning. I can’t do herbal tea either so a nice cup of Irish breakfast tea goes down a treat with me. My husband likes a strong cup of tea so this is perfect for him too.

Old Books

James Patterson books

1st To Die (Womens Murder Club 1)

2nd Chance (Womens Murder Club 2)

I know these are not the most recent James Patterson books but I got the most recent ones and had no clue what was happening. I started getting these when they first came out (14 years ago) and my memory was a bit fuzzy. So I have decided to re-read all the books, from start to finish. I forgot how good the first books were and I hope that by refreshing my head with what happened, I’ll enjoy the newest books more. The fact that the main character is called Lindsay is just a bonus in my book.

Random Beauty Product- Shampoo

AA Skincare

Rosemary, Sage and Burdock Shampoo

In the interest of fairness, I did get this beauty product sent as a freebie for me to test. But we all know by now that I can’t be bought when it comes to reviews. I’ve worked with AA Skincare before and I was over the moon when they asked if I would like another product. This shampoo has no artificial colours or fragrances and is paraben free. I was expecting it so smell a bit more herby but it does smell really fresh. Keep an eye out for it in next months empties post for a proper review, but I will say for now I am impressed with its results and fragrance.

If you want to find out some more, then head over to their pages and get some more info Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest 

Graze box for snacking

Graze box

You may have heard me say about focusing on what goes into your body because it is your fuel. If this your fuel is nasty, then it will affect your skin and beauty routine. I ordered a Graze box after I got a money off voucher and I got my first box free. I am really loving these little boxes in the post. I was really excited when I arrived home earlier and a box had landed in my hall. Yes, they are small enough to fit through the letter box. One of my favorite things about the box is how it can be personalised to you. don’t like nuts? You won’t get nuts. I’ve received a couple of boxes and I have not been disappointed with them yet. In fact, I ate my entire box earlier. And I’m not ashamed. Ok, maybe a little.

If you would like to get a free Graze box, here is my refer a friend code- 6D6T2YWFP

Chupa Chups candle

Chupa Chups scented candle
Chupa Chups Scented Candle (Strawberry & Cream)

I love having a candle burning in my house, I don’t know why but I think it’s awesome. Maybe I’m easily amused. This month I decided to try something new with a Chupa Chups candle. I love the smell of the lollies so it made sense to try the candle out. It was quite a small candle but it had an impressive burn time. I had imagined that the scent would be strong but it was more of a subtle fragrance which was perfect for my hallway. Guests were greeted with a gentle fragrance that was pleasant, not overpowering. The small size of the candle made it perfect for in the bathroom too. Bath time beauty was a lot more yummy with this.

Fancy seeing me talk about these, moving lips and sound coming out? Head over to YouTube and watch the horror that is me talking.

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