Wise the bap Katie Price

Celebrity Big Brother, you don’t even have to watch to know what is happening. Katie Price blew up Twitter and the headlines when she claimed that her son Harvey gets Government funded transport to and from school. Her son, Harvey, suffers from multiple disabilities including blindness and the nearest school with the facilities to support him is an hour and a half away. Katie Price defended herself by saying he was entitled to it, she had paid her taxes, and it would cost her around £1,000 a day if she had to provide that herself. I find it hard to believe that a woman worth over £40 million in her back pocket thinks that this is ok.

Lets get to the bare bones of this, this is a multi-million who is claiming off the government for something she could easily afford. Sure, it would cost her £1,000 per day for a private driver and a nurse. At that price it would cost her around £3,000,000 to provide transport for Harvey, everyday, until he turns 18 years old. I’m not questioning if she is entitled to this for her son, I’m questioning whether it is ethical for her to do it. I have a 20 year old brother-in-law with special needs who needs to attend a Skills for Life course in college, the only place that does that course is the one in the next town. This requires him to take a bus. Not only is he not entitled to use the special needs bus anymore, he has to use public transport and isn’t entitled to a bus pass. His parents, my in-laws, are not rolling in money. They struggle to pay for the bus every week. My father-in-law has worked for 30 years as a bin lorry driver, it’s not a glamorous job but he has paid his taxes. These boys both suffer from different disabilities but are both considered special needs. Maybe it’s because my brother-in-law is over 18 years old that he isn’t entitled to any help with transport anymore but it seems unfair that he can’t get a bus pass, but Katie Price gets a taxi for her son.

For me, I think that Katie should not claim this for Harvey. Regardless of whether he is entitled to it or not, I believe that Katie should foot the bill for this. Like I said at the beginning, she is worth millions and can easily afford to provide transport for him. Yes, she will be out of pocket, but if she didn’t claim, that money could be used somewhere else in the system. I find her actions very unethical and a bit abusive of the system.

Katie, just because you are entitled to it, doesn’t mean that you should use it. You can afford to provide so much for your children. Many parents are struggling out there as it is and knowing that you are getting help from the government is just salt in the wounds for those who can barely get by on minimum wage. So Katie, wise the bap.

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