The five dumbest things I’ve seen all week

When it comes to plumbing the depths of human stupidity, I like to consider myself something of an expert. These are some of the most depressing, ridiculous, asininely idiotic things I’ve seen all week.

Seriously, fuck our species.

4.Burqa wearing guitarist doesn’t know how to Muslim

I’ve seen this shared a lot, probably as a response to the whole Ahmed Muhammed thing. In a similar vein to Buzzfeed’s embarrassing attempt at showing that “Look! Muslims can be hipster douchebags too!” a whole bunch of people have been sharing this video to prove how totally not-bigoted they are.

Here’s the thing, Islam promotes a very literalistic, orthodox interpretation of scripture, it isn’t like the Bible, where you can pick and choose the bits you like like a bag of spiritual pack n’ mix. The Quran itself states that a literalistic interpretation is the only correct one, so there really isn’t a whole lot of leeway there.

Non-reverent music and stringed instruments are Haram (or “banned” if you an ignorant unbeliever who totally deserves to be killed), so she can either be a “good Muslim” or play guitar in a metal band, not both.

Having said that, The Image of a metal band all wearing Burqas is pretty badass, so disregard everything I just said if you want and watch this video which is in a similar vein, but much, much cooler. (Seriously, this girl fucking SHREDS)

3. Flat Earther Denies the existence of planets

This one is just adorably stupid, the Flat Earth movement has been gaining more and more steam over the years, as the self-contradictory effect the internet has had on peoples intelligence becomes more and more apparent

What do I mean by that?

People have access to a repository containing the sum total of all human knowledge, and it’s making them dumber. I honestly don’t know what to say about this except watch the video, and weep for humanity.

2. Everyday Feminism and the Huffington Post go full racist

…You never go Full Racist.

So yeah, unless you are a moron or a racist yourself, the problems with that video should be self evident, so lets move on to Everyday Feminism…

To be honest, I could probably fill the entire list with articles from Everyday Feminism, but there are two that really stuck out to me. The first was an article which basically suggested that Black People need to treat animals better, the second was this gem about cultural appropriation.

Here’s the thing about cultural appropriation. It’s idiotic. You can’t achieve equality by walling off different cultures behind a 10ft equality wall, despite what Donald Trump would have you believe.

And even if you decide to do that, it should extend to every race, shouldn’t it?

I mean, a white guy invented basketball after all.

It’s almost as if it’s a stupid, regressive concept invented by idiots or something.

1. Hitler was a sensitive man

Think that was bad? Well why not wash it down by reading this article, go on. read it. Read it twice. No, don’t just read the title!

Feel depressed yet? me too

This will either cheer you up, or have you reaching for the painkillers (which, I guess would cheer you up, so ultimately it’s a win/win)

Tee Fury

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