God, Abortions and meeting in the middle

A train of thought can lead you to exciting new places and new ideas which can make your world better. Last night I was watching “Forever” with my hubby-to-be, which resulted in us examining our family trees. For me, my heritage is very interesting and the knowledge of those who came before me has inspirited me many times over the years. My interest in spirituality comes from my father joking around and calling his mother-in-law a “witch”. He meant it as a joke but as a young child it sparked my curiosity in the occult and fairy tales. As I have grown older, the word “witch” has become more of a feminist label than Halloween scares. But throughout my research over the years, I have learned that God, or the concept of one, is not as black and white as it appears to be.

Looking through occult teachings (not to be confused with Devil worshipping) the idea of God is presented in the form of being both male and female, balance, and perfection. Which makes sense if you think about. Throughout the animal and plant world, there are male and females of the species, and both are required for reproduction. Sure, there are some animals and plants which are asexual and do not require another of their species in order to reproduce, but as a general rule you need a girl and a boy.

But why do men have nipples? This question has been floating about the internet for some time and after consulting a few different websites who claimed to have the answer, I hope that I have the right answer. During the first 4 weeks of development babies develop the same way, and it is only as the pregnancy continues that the fetus develops into male or female. But what does that random train of thought have to do with God?

If you take my first point that God is in fact both male and female, and add it to my second point of the first few weeks of pregnancy a fetus is both male and female, then something becomes apparent. Lets say that I’m right with the first two points, is it possible that the first few weeks of conception are nothing more than God giving us a little piece of him/herself, and that we are sharing a brief moment of being close to God? That’s kind of beautiful even if you aren’t a religious person.

So, what has that got to do with anything? Well, if for the first few weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is not a person but a small spark of the Divine, then is a miscarriage the Spirit returning to itself rather than a loss of life? Should a fetus be considered a person after a certain amount of time? All over the world countries are debating about if a fetus is a person, the right to abortions, and women are being sentenced to prison for just having a miscarriage. I have very mixed views on abortion but I would never shove them down anyone’s throat. But across the world, women are being raped and left pregnant, and there is nothing that they can do because their government won’t allow abortions on religious grounds.

I am not a religious expert but I do know this, when God hands you a challenge you can choose to take it or say no. God gave us free will. If a pregnancy from a rape is to be seen as one of Gods challenges, then guess what? A woman has the free will to say “no” because that is how God made us. Countries who are persecuting women and punishing them for wanting an abortion need to think about the whole concept of God, not just pick and choose righteous laws that suit them.

Could this idea of conception and connection with God pave the way for abortion laws being loosened in parts of the world? They say that abortion is illegal because it is against Gods Law, but if done within the first few weeks, would it not be seen as returning that little bit of God back to him? To kill another human is against the law but God is supposed to be eternal, and you can’t kill him. With this in mind, can we not meet in the middle? If abortions are to be denied to women in certain countries on religious grounds, can we not at least agree that the first four weeks don’t count, and we are just returning God back to God?

As strange as this little rambling is I think I could have a valid point. I could be completely wrong with this idea but maybe if we could put some ideas out there and find a common ground, then the opposing sides could find a way to meet in the middle. Whatever your views are on religion¬†and abortion are, they are yours. Many women around the world in developing countries are denied the right to birth control and protection from sexual predators on religious grounds. Some are even beaten to death because of the religious laws that rule the country. This is not about disrespecting¬†religion, far from it. Everyone has the right to their own religion and to practice it. But there comes that area between religion,¬†logic and law that everyone will need to step into at some point. The question is will the world meet in the middle before it’s too late?

What do you think? Does Lindsay have a point? Or do you have any ideas that could change how religion and politics could meet in the middle?

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