First World problems with Sky

First world problems with Sky

*Le Sigh*. It’s what I post online when I am forced to deal with idiots and smashing my face through a wall is the only other answer. Trust me when I tell you a face palm¬†will only help you so much. But why am I getting all French with *le sigh* anyway? First world problems people, and today we are dealing with Sky.

I have been a Sky customer for years now. Probably around seven or eight years if I was to take a guess. For many years, I was a happy customer. But then the equipment I had started to fail and they wouldn’t upgrade me. Keep in mind, loyal customer for years = no upgrade unless you pay. New customers on the other hand will get plenty of new equipment for free. So I cancelled and went to another company. BT in fact. And that was a massive clusterf**k and a story for another time. So I went back to Sky and got new equipment because I was a “new customer” once again, hurrah!

Things ticked along well for a year or so. Then the crap began and it was all focused on the internet. The Sky TV worked fine. The landline and the phone worked fine. But the internet was forever going down. One minute I was surfing away, the next thing I knew, the internet had silently¬†clicked itself off. it only happened the odd time at first but as time went on, the frequency of the knocking off increased. Slowly, the internet became a thing that only worked sometimes. And when it did work, the speed was awful. It can take around an hour for me to upload a 15 minute YouTube video. It took nearly 4 hours to upload an HD video the last time I tired….

We complained. We phoned up. We panicked that the bill hadn’t been paid. They sent a new hub out. They sent an engineer out. And just to add insult to injury, the house was a disaster zone the day the engineer came out, and it was my ex-boyfriends dad. Awesome. I was mortified at the state of the house and kept babbling. Anywho…

Things have not improved. And I’m beginning to wonder if they ever will. Sky have done what they can to fix the problem, or so they say. There is clearly a problem with the line coming into the house but they don’t appear to be attempting to fix it. Or maybe the guy I see it the BT van and jacket who is working inside the green junction box isn’t fixing stuff. Maybe he is fiddling with peoples lines so we will all slowly lose our minds and switch to BT? Even as I sit and write this, error messages keep appearing to tell me that the internet is down.

These first world problems with Sky are driving me insane! And as a person who hopes to make her millions with witty posts and videos online, having the internet go up and down like my knickers is not what I need. And considering I’m heavily pregnant right now, I pee a lot, the knickers go up and down a lot. No-ones internet should go up and down that much.

To date, Sky have been pretty useless about this. I can’t change to anyone else because 1) BT are really horrible and useless, 2) Virgin aren’t in my area yet, 3) I am actually considering cancelling it all and using the library instead. Or 4) once a week, head to town, grab a latte and chill in a coffee shop that offers free Wifi. Yeah, that sounds more like a plan.

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