Dear Nicole Arbour, you need to stop

I’ve said this before, and I’m very open about this, but the only reason the Latte Lindsay YouTube channel exists is because it is easier to make money over there. And I don’t judge people who create content for YouTube just for the money. But even if you are only there for the money, you end creating content that reflects your opinions and who you are. Except if you are Nicole Arbour.

If the name isn’t familiar to you, then this is what you need to know about Nicole. She has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of herself, featuring her self styled¬†comedy. You may have seen her videos Dear Fat People, Dear Black People, and Dear Fat People 2: The Second Helping. Nicole has been pretty open about the fact that she was being offensive for the money. Here is one article about the subject with the Mail.

Here is the thing, after sitting watching the videos that she has done, I have to wonder if she believes what she said in her videos. Before she went viral with Dear Fat People, her channel was a lot smaller. Was she making money from it? I don’t know, probably a little bit. But having a video go viral, as we all know, can completely change your life financially. I’m not against people making money this way but what does annoy me is that Nicole appears to have made content that she doesn’t actually believe in. From the looks of things, she has looked online for some opinions and made a video based around the opinion, even if it isn’t her own opinion.

But why would she do this? Why would she degrade herself to create content like this? Sure, shock value can make you famous but you still need to deal with the backlash. In my opinion, creating something like this wouldn’t be worth it but she claims that she has made thousands from Dear Fat People. Let’s just put that in perspective, she made a ranty video that she didn’t believe was going to go viral and maybe only a few thousand people would see it at the most. Instead she ended reaching millions of people, at the time of writing this, the video has been viewed over 10 million times. There are videos that she uploaded the month before that have around 500,000 views. The month before, her videos only hit around 20,000 views each. So can we really blame her for not apologising¬†for the video? At this stage, she has probably made millions from that one video. And from the looks of things, the public’s interest in her videos has declined. Her most recent videos have failed to hit the same amount of views, including Dear Fat People Part 2, which currently sitting around 240,000 views, a big drop from 10 million.

But that doesn’t answer why she would do this. I have a theory, and I could be wrong, but if I’m right then I don’t blame her for what she has done. If you look at her Wikipedia page, she is 30 years old. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. Nicole has been on the comedy circuite for years and her channel has videos of when she first started. She is actually pretty good and probably had a decent career going on. But when you turn 30, you take time to have a look at your life. I’ve been there. When I turned 30 I cried for days because I realised that I had not achieved anything that I had planned. There were things I hadn’t finished, other things I wanted to start, and I was pretty pissed. Looking at Nicole and how her career has been going, she must have been pissed when she realised that there were people nearly a decade younger than her who were more successful. I believe Nicole had a “f**k this s**t” moment, and decided to give the people want they want. Highly offensive comedy that doesn’t actually have a valid point. And you know what? I don’t blame her.

Recently I have found myself having a good old hard look at my life and questioning why I do what I do. I love writing but it doesn’t pay the bills all the time. I have been told I’m very good at what I do but I remain undiscovered. I am the brunnete version of Nicole who is on the verge of having a “f**k this s**t” moment and throwing out some highly questionable content on YouTube.

So Nicole, if you are reading this, you need to stop with the fake videos and go back to your orginal greatness. You are funny, and when this all dies down I hope you get the fame that you deserve because you are talented, not because you provide shock value.

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