Can you smell that?

Recently I have been plagued with smelly people. You know the ones I’m talking about. They stand next to you in a shop, or sit near you on the bus, and the whiff of their bodies brings tears to your eyes. It used to be that if you smelt like that, you were very poor and couldn’t afford to wash on a regular basis. But in modern society it still happens and I have to ask, why have these people stopped washing?

Three examples of the great unwashed-

  1. While I was working at the airport, I noticed a trend with the types of people who came through. I was there from 5am, showered, full uniform, hair and make-up done. I was not the only one like this. From 5am to 6:15am there was business people coming through the gates to catch flights for business meetings. They were showered, clean, pressed suits, and they looked like they had spend hours getting ready. From 6:30am to 8
    1. am a slightly different class of business person came through. Sure, they had suits on but they were mismatched, they needed a hair cut, the women hadn’t their make-up on, but they were still clean. From 8am onwards came the droves of the unwashed. People in dirty clothes who stank of B.O. So how can the people who arrived at 5am manage to get a shower but the people at 9am can’t? I always felt really sorry for the people who would be on the same flight as the smelly folk.
    2. I was standing in a queue of my local shop one night. I had popped in for bread and milk for the morning, when a woman appeared and started packing crisps and sweets into a basket. She got to the till before I did and I was forced to stand behind her while she paid for her 30 bags of crisps and sweets. The smell that came from her was so bad I could taste it. Her hair was so greasy that it looked like she had Vaseline plastered to her skull. Her clothes were stained with….well I don’t want to know what the stains were. After she had left, the smell lingered so badly that the staff had to break out tins of air freshener. The worst part? The person who had been serving her at the till had been holding his breath and was on the verge of passing out.
    3. I have mentioned before that my hubby-to-be used to work in a butcher’s shop with a smelly little person. And I wasn’t joking, she really does smell. She used to creep over to us while we were talking if I had popped by. I actually thought, on more than one occasion, that my toddler had pooped himself. He hadn’t, it was the smell coming from her. She was another one who had a greasy/Vaseline styled ponytail.

    Those are only some examples that I can give you, there are many more but for the sake of keeping this post to a reasonable length I’ll just tell you those three. In the interest of research, and the fact that I can’t keep my mouth shut, I started asking people why they don’t shower. Ahh, the excuses!

    1. I have a skin condition- I don’t care what your skin condition is, you need to shower at some point. Besides, all the creams and lotions, online information on diet and health, there is bound to be something out there that will help your skin and will allow you to shower. I know people with skin conditions that do shower every day, cover themselves in cream, and even go as far as sleeping in a giant condom style suit to keep their skin in tip-top shape. A skin condition is not an excuse to only shower once a month (or year).
    2. I don’t have time to shower- Wait? You don’t have a job, you spend all day on Facebook, and yet you don’t have time to shower? You couldn’t peel yourself off the sofa for 15 minutes to have a shower?
    3. I can’t afford all the fancy beauty products that you use- Who said my stuff was ever fancy? Besides, for £5 you can get a cheap shower gel, deodorant, shampoo, and moisturizer from any chemist or supermarket. Your stuff doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to get you clean.
    4. I’m too ill to get showered- What’s wrong with you? If you can’t shower yourself there are home carers who can come in and help you. I done that job for over 4 years. Even people who were confined to wheelchairs 24/7 got a shower everyday on my watch. Oh, it’s depression? Well then you need to see a doctor because if you aren’t coping with your depression then you need help. Self diagnosed from WebMD eh? The doctor doesn’t believe
      1. you? Right……(*side note- I’m not making fun at people with actual depression, I’m talking about those people who think being really lazy counts as being depressed. People who have depression or any mental illness know the ones I’m talking about*)
      2. The body is self-cleaning- To a certain point, yes, but you have gone past that point, way past that point.

      There is no excuse for not showering. I’m not expecting you to put your glad-rags on or spend hours getting ready. All I ask is that you start taking 15 minutes out of your day to have a quick shower. It’s not hard. And you will feel better about yourself. I promise. Just do it, I can’t take the smell anymore.


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