Are boobies like identity?

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I’m a psychology student and the reason I started studying in the first place is because the human brain is weird. The way in which our brains place information together to create something is truely amazing. At the minute we are studying the concept of identity. This area of study has got me very interested in how we view ourselves as human beings and the many things which can affect our identites. It can range from our physical bodies to how we act in different social circles. How my brain managed to put this information together one morning is beyond stupid, because for some reason my brain came up with the idea of boobs and Howard Stern.

Lets start with Howard, shall we? If you are unfamilar with who Howard is I suggest you google him. I had heard of the DJ years ago and only recently watched his movie, “Private Parts”. Throughout the story we saw the ability to shift from “work mode” to “family mode”. I’m not sure how much of it is actually true but it’s still a good example of an identity shift. There is also a video doing the rounds at the minute of Howard during the 9/11 attacks in New York. Before I watched the video I assumed that jokes would be made and it would be in poor taste at what was happening but was suprised when he appeared level-headed and calm about everything. Really, you can’t blame me for thinking that about him, he once made jokes on air about Selena being murdered. But the man has mutiple identities and depending on where he is and what he’s doing.

Now for boobs. Most of the women reading this will get what I’m saying about our boobs having different identites. As a teenager I hated my boobies because they didn’t exist and self esteem issues rose from being flat chested. When I became a mother and was breast feeding my babies they became a source of pride because of their abilty to fed a child. And inbetween these stages they were a source of sexual pleasure and a handy place to rest a cup. My boobs changed identity as my life changed.

As we move from different social circles and through life our identity will shift as we see fit. How we act in work is different from how we act at home. To become rigid with our identity is to set ourselves up for failure because we need to adapt, just like a set of boobies. Howard Stern is a prime example of the ability to shift gracefully between different identities. So for that reason Howard Stern has boobies. And if you have a different identity for different situtions, then you have boobies too. We all have boobies.

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