Simply Irresistible || Movie Mondays

Simply Irresistible || Movie Mondays

Simply Irresistible is the 1999 movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as a would-be chef who takes over her late-mothers restaurant, even though she can’t cook. But with a bit of luck and magic on her side, can she turn her restaurant and her love life around after meeting Tom?

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The Plot

Amanda owns a small restaurant in New York but she can’t cook. Her restaurant is facing closure when she meets Tom, an executive who is working towards opening a restaurant in a department store. After she buys crabs from a man claiming to be a friend of her mothers, she has a run of luck in the kitchen. For the first time, she can cook, and all of her emotions are captured in her meals and everyone feels what she feels. But Tom is worried that she has put a spell on him and tries to resist her charms and desserts.

Thoughts on the Story

This is a love story that screams of the late 90’s when romance and magic were being mixed together, especially after the success of Practical Magic. The movie only has small hints at the magic behind the food but it is just enough. What I really love about this story in the focus on love and food. Over the years, we have developed a bit of an issue with our food and tend to focus heavily on health rather than taste. Why not have both? We should love the food we eat and enjoy making it. Besides, what is not to love about making your own magic in the kitchen?


This movie can be a bit cheesy in places but it is one of those underrated films that deserves a watch on a wet Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea. The feel of Simply Irresistible captures that late 1990’s feeling that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, but I remember the 90’s so that might be why. It’s a great pick me up and a great source of inspiration for any 90’s fashion vibes that you might be looking for.

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