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Man of steel movie monday

Man of Steel is one of the latest editions of the Superman story. This 2013 movie is the beginning of the latest DC series for the Superman story and the larger DC Universe. Henry Cavill stars as Superman, with Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

The Plot

Planet Krypton is unstable after the core has been harvested to meet the planet’s energy needs. The planets top scientist, Jor El, knows that the destruction of the planet is about to take place. In an attempt to save his people, he places his son, Ka El, in a pod and sends him across the cosmos with Codex. The Codex contains the genetic information for Krypton. General Zod, the head of the military attempts a coup and attempts to arrest the council. But his rebellion is short lived and he is sentenced to the Phantom Zone with the remaining rebels. Once on Earth, the baby Kryptonian is adopted and raised by a childless couple. Martha and Jonathan Kent find the baby, name him Clark, and raise him after they found him in his pod.

During his life, he is faced with many challenges as he discovers his powers. He travels the world, working odd jobs until he discovers the whereabouts of a “mystery object” in the Canadian Arctic. Once there, he learns that it is an ancient Kryptonian spaceship. Clark activates using a Kryptonian key that was in his pod. The activity in the ship alerts General Zod to his location. Zod and the rebels were released from the Phantom Zone after the destruction of Krypton. When Zod arrives on Earth and begins the process of terraforming the planet into the new Krypton. A massive battle between the Kryptonians earns Clark the code name Superman as he defeats Zod.

Thoughts on the story

This is the latest attempt to breathe new life into the Superman saga. After the success of the Dark Night series, it was obvious that a reboot would be on the cards for the Man of Steel. But unlike the previous attempts, we know that it will be in-line with the recent Marvel Universe. The success of the Marvel Universe has prompted the DC Universe to head the same direction. Everyone knows the story of Superman. This is the first time we have seen the darker side of Superman. The reality is that growing up with his skills and strength would make you feel very isolated. This is the first time that we have been shown his skills as a hindrance.


In some ways, this movie reminds me of Thor when it first came out. Critics complained about the lack of character development but they failed to realise the bigger picture. As a one off movie, it would not work well. But the fact that there is going to be a huge line of movies that expand and explain the DC Universe, I’m excited. As the movies are released, we will see the characters grow. The more realistic view of the DC Universe is really exciting. If you want a fresh take on the normally shiny and happy Superman saga, then this movie is for you.

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