Bad Neighbours || Movie Mondays

Bad Neighbours || Movie Mondays

Bad Neighbours is a 2014 movie starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron as next door neighbours who start an all-out war between each other over the noise and partying.

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The Plot

A young couple is trying to settle into family life with their new baby when they get new neigbours. When they learn it is a fraternity, they hope that they keep the noise down. After a good first meeting and party with them, the couple feel betrayed that they won’t keep the noise levels down. They phone the police and fraternity feel betrayed because they were supposed to be friends. After that, they decide to create a living Hell for each other with parties, letters, and generally just trying to ruin each other’s lives.

Thoughts on the Movie

Everyone has suffered from the neighbours from Hell at some point. I had the worst neighbours for years and I am glad to see the back of them. Thankfully my neighbours were not as bad as these guys, unless you count 6 years of drilling walls not that bad. The movie was well received and was nominated for several awards. There are some gross moments but they fit well within the movie.


This is a great movie if you need a pick me up. Seth Rogan and Zac Efron bounce off each other in such a way that you believe the rivalry between them but it is still funny. I think we can all get behind either one of the neigbours, sometimes we want to have the party house but then we grow and hate the party house. Or just wish that the party house was on the other side of town and not next door to us.

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