One simple saying that will save you thousands each year

One simple saying that will save you thousands each year || Money saving tips for busy mums

I have been flat broke. Poor. On the bread line. I know exactly how important it can be to save those pennies when you can. But it’s not always that simple, is it? But, I have one simple saying that will save you thousands each year and help you keep your bank balance looking healthy.

First of all, I want to point out that I am not a financial advisor so if you are having some serious money troubles, speak to an independent advisor and what is in this post should not be considered as financial advice. Good? Got all of that? Onward!

In this economy, most people are not just trying to save where they can, they want their money to work harder for them too. We can’t even have a wee treat anymore without feeling incredibly guilty for it, because the cost of those wee treats adds up. And big purchases can be some of the hardest to justify to ourselves and everyone else. So, how do I navigate the Sea of Spending without wanting to throw myself overboard? I have one simple saying that will save you thousands each year and preserve your sanity too.

Will I need it tomorrow?

The one simple saying that will save you thousands each year is Will I need it tomorrow? It is easy to justify needing something because in the past it would useful, hindsight can be manipulative like that. But, asking yourself if you will need it tomorrow (or in the near future) is a different kettle of fish.

Let’s start with small purchases, like a cheeky coffee out of Starbucks. The way I see it is there are two ways of looking at a cheeky coffee. When you are thinking about spending £5 on a coffee, just ask yourself, “Will I need this tomorrow?” 9/10 the answer will probably be no. You might want it today but you won’t need it tomorrow. You will probably need that £5 tomorrow though. But what about that 1/10? That time will be when you are tired/stressed (insert negative emotion of choice) and spending that £5 will preserve your sanity so that you can move forward. Saving that £5 on those other 9 occasions means that when you need it that 1 time, you won’t be racked with guilt over a small splurge on yourself.

Big purchases are probably harder to deal with. There are things that we want but do we really need them? In the past, you might have needed an item but got on just fine without it. For example, back in 2012, I needed to update my printer after I “upgraded” to a Google Chromebook, because my printer wasn’t compatible with the Chromebook. A new printer back then would have cost around £100 odd. Over the years, there have been sales and offers on printers, but I didn’t need one after I changed my laptop in 2012. If I did need anything printed, I could pop to the library or ask a friend to print off a page or two for me. Since 2012, I’ve probably used a printer about 3 or 4 times. But in this last couple of months, I’ve needed to print stuff again. Not random rubbish. I’m heading back to uni, I have a book to finish editing, and it would be really unfair to ask my friends to print off over 300 pages for me that I need by this afternoon. For the last few years, I haven’t needed a printer (or, I’ve got on just fine without one) but I will need one tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, so on and so forth. I would have liked a new printer back in 2012 but I didn’t need it. And a compatible printer now costs around £30, a massive saving compared to a few years ago.

This one simple saying that will save you thousands each year can be used for anything. Special offer on shower gel? Will I need it tomorrow? Yes, because I like to bathe every day and a special offer will save me money. A pair of heels in the sale? Will I need them tomorrow? Probably not, even though they are a bargain, I live my life in flats at the minute so they will be collecting dust in my wardrobe. Just be honest with yourself and you will find that this one simple saying that will save you thousands each year will stop you from wasting money on things that you don’t really need.

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