Something is wrong | Janathon 2015

Janathon flu

Something is wrong. Very wrong. Today was the first day of Janathon and I haven’t complained at all. Not even once. I have grounds to complain but haven’t.

For a start I woke up this morning and was greeted by a poo in the bath as a gift from one of the cats. I cleaned it up and went for my coffee. I looked through my cupboards for something to go running in, all I could find was old tracksuit bottoms with a bleach stain on the leg and a huge beer t-shirt. Normally I wouldn’t be seen dead in such an outfit, it was a crime against fashion! But, I put it on and went for a run. Then I cleaned my house and started the washing. And to top it all off, I’ve ran out of oil so my house is like freezer and I’ve done zero stressing over it. Like I said, there is something wrong with me. Maybe it’s all the “New Year, New Me” stuff that I’ve been doing has had a positive effect on me, or aliens have given me a personality transplant, who knows.

One thing that is clear- there comes a point in life when you choose not to define yourself by your misery and choose to be better because you want to, not because you have to. I think my great-aunt said it best when she told me, “Life can be a bitch, or you can make life your bitch.” Have I suddenly, without warning or even trying, made life my bitch? It seems strange that someone who can complain so much about everything can suddenly switch it off and get on with things.
Life will continue to throw stuff my way and I will continue to deal with it, not complain, hopefully. But check back tomorrow to see how I’m doing after I have to go for a run in my underwear if I don’t get all the washing dry.
Run today- probably about 3miles….I forgot my phone with the tracker thingy which was a great start for Janathon, wasn’t it?
Want to know more about Janathon? Just click this link to get more info.

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