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Janathon flu

I feel ill today. No, it’s not a hangover but it sure feels like one mixed with some flu feeling. Maybe it is the flu. I’ll be honest, I don’t really care. Right now I’m lying in bed trying to keep my eyes open while resisting the urge to vomit. Yep, I feel awful. Despite this I still got up this morning and went for a run.

Well, I’m using the term loosely, it was more “slow wander to the shop for milk”. I tried to go quick but what is normally a ten-minute round trip became a twenty-minute slog. I didn’t want to be out that long, it is cold and icy, not very nice for a sickie boo like myself.

As I lie here feeling like death, I can’t help but wonder, was it a good idea to venture outside “to exercise” while feeling like this. After a quick internet search, I have come to the conclusion, no. When we are sick our bodies need to rest in order to recover. A lot of your energy gets diverted to the immune system so that you can fight off whatever nasty is plaguing your system. If you exercise while you are sick it can take it’s toll on you. Sure, you might break out in a sweat and “sweat it out of you”, but if you are dehydrated (and don’t know it) you create unnecessary stress on your body.

With all of this in mind, I took myself off for a shower to wash the germs away and have retired to my bed complete with fluffy pjs, a cup of peppermint tea, a┬ábig bottle of water, and a box of Quality Street. Mr Bond AKA Daniel Craig will be keeping me company for the rest of the day. It’s just a shame that he can’t rub my back while I’m sick with too much chocolate.

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