How to keep your body a healthy and lean machine

How to keep your body a healthy and lean machine

When it comes to fitness, I am not an expert, but I have picked up a good few tips over the years that have helped me to stay lean. And with a few simple changes, you can keep your body a lean machine that can take on anything.

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Plan your meals

One of the biggest reasons that I end up ordering a takeaway is because I haven’t gotten a dinner planned out. When you take the time to plan out your meals, there are so many benefits, not just staying in shape. First of all, when you plan your meals, you will probably cook from scratch a bit more so you will know what is going into them. And when it comes to making a meal or eating out, cooking a meal ends up working out a lot cheaper than a takeaway.

Don’t shop when you are hungry

Hands up who has gone shopping on an empty stomach and ended up buying half of the snack aisle? Yep, me too. When you are hungry, you will seek out the higher calorie foods and make more unhealthy choices. Sure, you will probably throw a couple of fruits and veggies in the trolley, but you will probably grab some donuts and crisps that you don’t really want too.

6 top tips for a healthier you || How to keep your body a healthy and lean machine
Did someone ask for a snack?

Stock up with fruits and vegetables

Having a fridge full of fridge and veg is good for the body, good for the bank balance, and easy on the eye. Honestly, check out Instagram and have a look at the beautiful pictures of fridges. Seriously, it makes you just wanna stuff your face with colour. Having a fridge packed with colour like this will make you want to snack on healthy stuff. Nobody wants to eat a sad lettuce leaf, it’s sad lettuce that makes people reach of the cookies.

No screens during meals

Believe it or not, using your phone or watching TV while you are eating can disrupt your eating habits. There have been loads of different studies that have linked distractions at mealtimes to weight gain. When it comes to food, you should be mindful about what you are eating. Food and mealtimes should be enjoyed. You have (hopefully) put some effort into cooking your food, don’t ruin your experience by scrolling through social media.

Cut out sugar

Sugar is one of the biggest causes of ill health and obesity. Don’t get me wrong, I have a sweet tooth and I love chocolate, but it doesn’t mean that I have to eat sugar all day. Even cutting out some sugar can have massive benefits to your body. For me, cutting out Coca-Cola had improved my health in amazing ways. Although I cut it out because I believed (correctly) that it was a big IBS trigger for me, I have noticed that I am sleeping better and drinking more water instead.


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