My adventures in ghost hunting

Living in a haunted house sounds like a dream to some people but the reality is it is a total nightmare. And I’m not joking. For the last 5 years I have lived in a haunted house. We aren’t talking paranoid thoughts of things happening. I’m talking about sitting in your kitchen at 1am and having a glass fly off the counter top.

It all started when I moved into my house. It was supposed to be a fresh start after a bad break-up. I was going to get my life in order. But from the first night I was in, things started to go bump in the night, and it stayed that way ever since.


Now, I’m a rational person. I didn’t really believe in ghosts. In the beginning I put the strange occurrences down to me being a bit stressed, or forgetful, or I was just losing my marbles. I even went and had my head checked because I was concerned for my sanity. It turns out I’m not bonkers. But strange things kept happening. We could blame the kids but stuff happened when they were out of the house. I’d put something down and five minutes later it was on the other side of the house. The front door unlocked itself in the middle of the night. I would lock the door, take my keys out, put them in the cubby hole by the door. The next morning the keys were in the door and the door was wide open. I am now completely paranoid about locking doors and have to check them at least five times before I head to bed. Glasses would break for no reason in the kitchen. We would go to bed, the glass would be at the back of the counter, next morning it was smashed on the floor. Maybe it was the animals you say? Not likely, my kitchen is a furball free zone. It was only when I saw a glass shoot off the counter top in the early hours of the morning that I realised that we were not alone. In the space of 5 years, I’ve had 14 glasses shoot off the counter top like this. Light bulbs smashed when I left my hubby in the house by himself. They didn’t blow, they smashed in the light fitting when he was standing under them and there were plenty of times that I had to bandage his head after a glass attack. And his pain didn’t end there. My hubby was pushed down the stairs. My son woke up one morning with a mark under his chin and a story of how he got it. I’m sure a lot of people think that I’m crazy right now but I know what I saw. And it scared the S**t outta me…..

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Things came to a head during the Halloween holidays this year. My parents had taken the kids for a sleepover one day, leaving me in the house by myself. They came early in the day, around 10am, because they wanted to go shopping and visit my aunties and grannies. My hubby went to work and I was totally alone. The cats were outside, the dogs were out in the back garden. Have I stressed the point that I was alone in the house enough? Good. I spent the day hoovering, cleaning the house, washing clothes etc. You know, doing house stuff while the kids weren’t in to wreck it. It was around 4pm and I was polishing something in the living room, I can’t remember what, but that isn’t important. The house was in silence, no TV, no radio, no nothing. So there I am, sitting there polishing something when I heard banging from upstairs. F**k sake! I thought to myself, those bloody kids would wake the dead with that banging! I walk to the bottom of the stairs and shout up, “Would you two knock it off and stop running up and down the landing!” Oh S**T!! The kids aren’t here! I’m in the house by myself!!  And then whatever it was ran up and down my landing repeatedly while I stood frozen to the spot. When I finally moved, I was out the door, into the car, and hid in my hubby’s work until he was done for the day.

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It was at this point that things really started to go nuts and after my hubby was shoved (again) and something whispered F**k off in his ear that my friends decided we needed help. We got the ghost busters in.

My friend put me in touch with a new team called Soul Searchers who wanted to do an investigation, and they weren’t disappointed with what happened! Their first visit was interesting to say the least. They came with equipment and a medium, and we thought that everything was going to blow up. No joke. The medium couldn’t breathe, their equipment was going nuts. Ever seen a group of ghost busters in action? Normally they are calm and collected bunch of people. These guys were nearly on my ceiling with fear! Probably because voices appeared from no-where, not from equipment or through something, the medium asked a question and a voice said Yeah, as clear as day, and it wasn’t any of us. Even I nearly pooed myself at this and I’m used to this stuff happening.

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The first visit scared the living crap out of them and I honestly thought they wouldn’t come back again. But they did. Their second visit was just as terrifying as the first. Doors closed behind them for no reason, strange smells filled certain rooms, and noises, don’t get me started on the noises. After a few hours the medium thought he had gotten rid of it. He was upstairs by himself while the rest of us sat in the living room. He didn’t say he was getting rid of it, we could feel it leaving. It was like our ears all popped. Then he came downstairs as happy as a sandpiper, laughing and joking with everyone. Up until this point I believed he had depression or something because he didn’t crack a smile until this point. And just like that, my house was clear. We laughed, we said good-bye, and the ghost was gone.

I would like to give a massive thank you to Soul Searchers for being brave enough to visit my house and get rid of whatever the feck that was.

What do you think? Do you believe in ghosts? Or have you ever had a paranormal experience? 

5 thoughts on “My adventures in ghost hunting

    1. It was really scary when the ghostbusters were in the house. I think I was more comfortable when I thought I was crazy….

  1. Wow, I have had a cpl things happen here like light bulbs exploding and the dog going daft barking at orbs. But nothing to the extent of you. Amazing x

    1. I wrote this post because I thought it was the end of my ghost drama, but both myself and my husband were woken up last night by (what looked like) a teenager girl ghost. Looks like it isn’t over yet….

  2. Hi if you would listen. My legos through across my room. spirits paralizing me. things running up and down my stairs then in my f-ING room. Yelling at me. there isn’t even escape in my bitching sleep!!!!!!!! please reply i feel f up. my light turns on and of and every once and a while. a scream from the back yard. demons everywhere and poltergeists and the devil

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