I tried to use some witchy tips to improve my day

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, witchcraft is making a comeback and taking the world by storm. I got my hands on some daily witchy tips and tried them out to see if they would improve my day.

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What are the witchy tips?

These are tips I found during a random Pinterest search and then screen-dumped the picture so that I wouldn’t lose it. Don’t ask me what I was searching for, it may have been something Halloween related.

  • Cleanse your bed in the morning when you make it. This is to remove the stress and negativity of the previous night and have a peaceful sleep the following night.
  • Make a cup of tea and charge it with positive energy to get through the day. To charge your tea, stir it clockwise.
  • Clean your desk, workspace, or wherever you do your creative things and draw productivity sigils on it in cleaner or keep a clear quartz nearby to focus energy. A sigil is a symbol which is believed to have magical power.
  • Bless your keys before you get in the car for protection on the road.
  • Use a special scrub or face mask in the shower for a glamour spell.
  • Spend time outside, if you can, and ground yourself with each step.
  • Use wax melters, incense, or other scented items to fill your space with an intended scent.
  • Cleanse your phone and other electronic devices. Clean out the old apps and photos, clean out the negative
  •  people from your contact list,  and reset your ringtones and wallpaper to increase positive energy.
  • Before you go to bed, take ten minutes and thank your deities (if you have any) and reflect on your day. Before you fall asleep, think of one thing that was good about your day. Before you fall asleep, think of one thing that was good about the day, no matter how small, and be grateful.

I tried to use some witchy tips to improve my day

What was the plan?

The plan was to try and use these witchy tips every day and see what happens. I had no real idea of what the outcome would be, or if applying the tips would make any difference to my daily life. When I thought of this experiment, I thought it would be a bit of fun and could shake things up a bit. Let’s face it, it has been very serious around here with some of the more hardcore experiments. I had to do some extra research for certain parts of the tips. The tip about using scents was really interesting to me because I do use a lot of smelly stuff in my house. Lavender is one of those good all-rounder scents that can cover a lot of bases. It is used to improving communication, for house blessings, love and protection, and stress reduction. Seriously, who doesn’t want a bit more of that in their life? And, funnily enough, my best friend just gifted me a new oil diffuser with lavender oil AND I got my mitts on some lavender incense cones too. As for the phone tip, I changed the background of my phone with the screen dump of the tips so that I could have them handy.

I tried to use some witchy tips to improve my day

The making the bed tip was another good one because I have been making my bed every day as part of my general to-do list. As for the car keys blessing, what a great idea. Regardless of what your feelings are about religion and spirituality, everyone could do with practicing some mindfulness before they get into the car. Maybe there wouldn’t be so many accidents and road rage incidents.

How did it go?

Do you know what? I would consider myself a spiritual person but not to a delusional state. If I hear a noise in the middle of the night, I will assume that it the timber frame of the house settling or something along those lines. I don’t jump to conclusions and assume it is my demons making a sandwich and a cup of tea. So when stuff started happening, I explained it with logic. But there is only so much logic that you can dish out and apply to things before you feel your stomach tighten and start muttering “sweet Jaysus” under your breath. Within that week, so much happened. My husband had to do a house move from a haunted house, which was fun for him. A lot of little things fell into place and I had a million “a-ha” moments. I slept like a freaking log. There were too many little incidents during the week that were weird and unexplainable.

Will I keep at it?

Yes! I couldn’t put my finger on some of the things and the weirdness was, well, weird. But overall this was a great week. I had no idea how this would affect me and what the changes would be. Maybe it was the focus on the tasks and being more mindful just made it appear that things were happening but I don’t know. I did find a great post about Witchcraft that you should read during my research that is worth a read. But a word of warning, do not decide to dabble in something like this because you think it is fun or a load of rubbish and nothing will happen. I’ve seen too many weird things to dismiss the possibility of there being more than we realise out there.

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