A Year to Change Your Life: Week 3

One thing that a lot of people forget when they are trying to improve their lives is their house. Your house, your home, your environment, whatever you like to call it, has a big impact of you. So this week we are going to look at how to change your house for the better.

At this time of the year most people are getting rid of the rubbish from after Christmas and the holidays. New year, new start. But how many people are cleaning their homes from top to bottom? So for this weeks challenge, I went and got some basic cleaning products that can be used to clean the house from top to bottom. I went to my local Tesco store and picked the following products for 87p! Total bargain!

Tesco Value Bleach


Bleach is one of those products that can used for cleaning away a lot of gunk. I like to use this for washing floors, kitchen counter-tops and the bathroom. Another great use for this is using it neat on the toilet. Because it is thin bleach it is very watery, so I find it perfect for cleaning all over the toilet. You can also pour a bit down the drains to help get any bacteria that might be hiding in the u-bends, making smells. And because this is bleach, you only need a little bit at a time to kill the germs. A big bottle like this is only 29p in Tescos.

Tesco Value Washing up liquid


Washing up liquid is not just for washing your dishes, you can use it to wash your windows too. This has a really clean smell that will get your dishes squeaky clean. Cleaning your dishes after every meal is one of the easiest ways to keep your house tidy. Having food waste on dishes and in the kitchen can really stink and can attract rats and mice! You can even use washing-up liquid on your floors if you don’t like the thought of bleach on the floor. Just make sure that you only use a tiny bit of bubbles because it can make the floor slippery. This bottle of washing-up liquid came in at 33p for a 500 ml bottle.

Tesco Value Multi-purpose cleaner


Dush can gather on furniture within a blink of an eye. Sometimes spraying polish just moves dust around and before you know it, it has landed back on your dresser. To clean furniture, I like to make a mild solution of all-purpose cleaner and water in a bucket. Then use a cloth to wash down your furniture, just be sure to really squeeze the water out of the cloth before you wipe anything. The cloth should be slightly damp, not wet, and definitely not soaked with water. All-purpose cleaner can be used pretty much everywhere. Floors, sinks, counter-tops. This cleaner came in at 25p for a 1-litre bottle.

These 3 products can be the start of building up cleaning products to keep your home clean. They aren’t fancy but they are capable of helping you getting your house clean from top to bottom. And because this challenge came it at under £1, put the change somewhere safe and save it for a rainy day.

4 For The Price Of 3, Save $40

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