Nothing compares to how stupid you are || Sinead O’Connor

noting compares to how stupid you are || sinead o'connor

Sometimes celebrities forget that normal people are different from them. They profess love for things that we should have, but can’t afford, and tell us that we should try new things that are simply stupid for us to consider. When these moments of “celebrity wisdom” happen we tend to get annoyed about it for a moment and then continue on with our boring, mortal existence. But what happens when they start spouting stuff that is not just stupid, but dangerous?

Recently Sinead O’Connor called for a revolution in Ireland because “1916 isn’t over”. Not only is this a dangerous statement to make considering Northern Irelands political climate but also she clearly has no idea of the history of the event which she is talking about.

Easter Proclamation of 1916.png

Sinead O’Connor here are the facts

In 1916, in the middle of World War One, there was a revolution during the Easter week and the event has been known as “Easter Rising” ever since. But what Miss O’Connor forgets is that this revolution was two years in the making and nobody wanted it to happen. People wanted Ireland to break away from the Union of the United Kingdom and rule themselves independently as a Republic. And the political party’s at the time were working for a peaceful answer in an attempt to prevent Civil War breaking out between the Unionists of Ulster and the Nationalists from rest of Ireland. Once the War began in 1914 the issue of Ireland was placed to one side as men signed up to fight for the greater good, both Nationalists and Unionists. While these men were heading off to War, a group of men, who would go on to be the ones responsible for Easter Rising, plotted against Britain and their fellow countrymen who were in the armed forces. On the outbreak of War, these men tried to sell information to the Germans in exchange for an independent Ireland. They tried to help the enemy to win the War by betraying their brothers. Today, this would be like getting into bed with ISIS. Turns out Germany had some morals and told them that they didn’t want their help. When that failed, they waited until 1916 to launch an attack that took the Armed forces by surprise, but also the people of the towns and cities that they attempted to occupy. When they were captured and led to their trials, the people that they believed they were speaking for, spat at them, hurled abuse, and called for them to be sentenced to death. As much as the Nationalist population wanted an independent Ireland, the actions of these men sickened them.

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So Miss O’Connor, what were you suggesting again?

A non-violent way to re-claim Northern Ireland? If that is what you really want then ask for both sides of Ireland to vote on it? What if Northern Ireland doesn’t to be part of Ireland and wants to stay with the United Kingdom? Or, who says that Ireland wants Northern Ireland back? If you are committed to promoting non-violent discussion, then do us all a favour and read a book before you start spouting your mouth off again because nothing compares 2U and your level of ignorance.

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