I don’t work for free

I’m not the first person to say, and I know that I won’t be the last. But there appears to be a growing trend in the “workplace”. And I’m using that term loosely because more and more people are being asked to work for free. That’s not employment, that’s slavery.

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In it for the money: Being on YouTube

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who goes on YouTube is there for the money. I’m not judging you if you fall into this category┬ábecause I’m right there with you. If you have been over on the Latte Lindsay channel then you will be familiar with our podcast and it does deal with some “interesting” things that could cause us some backlash. Although I’m not happy with the backlash, trolling or whatever term you want to use, Ryan is. But the big question is, is it safe to be on YouTube now, even if you are only in it for the money?

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