10 Overlooked Horror Classics you NEED to see

At the time of writing, Halloween is just over a month away, so why not prepare by sampling some of these bone-chillingly terrifying selections? recommended by me, R. R. Molyneux, part time necromancer and full-time mouthpiece for the dreams of the Elder Gods…

…what was I saying? Passed out for a second there.

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50 shades of shame

This weekend saw the opening of the 50 shades of Grey movie in the cinema with mixed reviews pouring onto the internet. Pretty much every person that I know went to see apart from me. I’ve read the books and considered seeing it because Jamie Dornan, a local lad, was starring in it. But I decided against it in the end because I refuse to give any of my hard earned money to EL James. A woman who has not only glamourised domestic abuse but dismisses those who challenge her sad individuals who can’t appreciate a good book.

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