Amazing health benefits of beer


I’m sure you have all heard the stories of having a drink to help boost your health. But what is the best one? Well, it turns out that having one or two beers a day can be great for you. Moderate beer drinking has real benefits for the body. But be warned, anything more than 2 beers a day will undo all the health benefits. Remember to drink in moderation. Here are some awesome things about beer that will keep you healthy.

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The Guide for Surviving Manflu


Manflu, it’s one of those things that completely sucks. I’m currently sitting typing this up while I’m loaded with the cold but I hear manflu is worse. Manflu has taken down even the manliest of men. We are sure even James Bond had to have a duvet day with the sniffles after disarming a missile in the snow. But he had to get back out there pretty quickly again or some other spy would get the girl with the double-entendre name. Here are some of the best remedies for man flu to get you back in fighting form again.
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Five by Five- My Quest for Greatness


For the last while I have been back and forth with lots of different stuff. Studying, family life, but the general theme is wanting to move forward. But do you know what the hardest thing is about trying to move forward? It’s knowing where to start. Sometimes the journey for self-improvement starts with the decision to move forward.

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Janathon 2016- Day 5

Janathon flu

There is no point in exercising or trying to get fit if your diet doesn’t reflect what you are doing. For most people at this time of the year, they will be regretting those drunken¬†announcements that they are quitting smoking, running 5k a day, or simply eating healthy. I feel your pain. But while some people are starting to slip back into old habits already, I tried to kick it up a bit with some cooking to go with my running everyday.

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Fitness: There’s an app for that

Fitness is one of those things that most people struggle with, and between well meaning friends and the boo-hockey you find online, it is sometimes feels like the blind leading the blind. Thankfully these days there is an app for everything and fitness apps are on the up. So we decided to peel ourselves off the sofa and find those abs under the flab using some different apps. Here are some of our favourite free apps that can get you moving in the right direction without needing a personal trainer.

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My Smelly Old Man | Story of my old staffie

staffie smelly old man

This morning I woke up with a feeling of dread. My stomach was in knots, I felt ill. My 9 year old Staffie, Diesel, was going to be put to sleep. It was not a decision we had come to easily. He was my smelly old man and I loved him so much.

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