Beauty picks || Golden Oldie

Sometimes my beauty picks are all about your skin and being youthful. Making it look better, protecting it, and making it shimmer. I’m not getting any younger so anything that can roll back the years and make me think that I’m a young chick again is good in my books. Hopefully I won’t forget my real age again and get in trouble with the tax office, again.

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The Beauty Edit: Freebies and bargain buys

The best things in life are free or so they say. This issue of the beauty edit I’m showcasing some products that I have either been sent or have got my mitts on for free somehow. Otherwise they have been a bargain from somewhere.

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The Beauty Edit

This weeks beauty picks has been one of our favorites. This week I got our digits on some lovely natural products to help make the beginning of your summer a fabulous one!

As always, I have forked out my own cold cash to test out these products, so if I’m not happy you will know about it. Also I have provided links to places where you can buy these products. If you choose to click and buy through us, you will help fund my addiction to cheap coffee and shoes.

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