Are you listening Mr Prime Minister?

I’m cross, really cross. Today I had to contact the Child Support Agency because my ex partner owes me over £18,000 in child support. In six years I have maybe received maybe £200. And that grinds me the wrong way. It’s not about the money, it’s about his lack of respect for me and his daughter. Not only is he not paying, he is self employed and tax dodging. How is this fair? Sadly I am not the only person who is affected by this. Across Britain, hundreds of single parent families struggle to get by when they should be getting financial support from the absent parent. But what can be done when the Child Support Agency seems powerless to do anything? Or, more to the point, are unwilling to do anything. I have supplied all of the details I can about my ex partner, including his address, but here I am, still receiving nothing. I have even contacted the Prime Ministers office about this on several occasions to vent my fury over being forgotten and being left powerless against a system that I can’t even begin to understand. What am I supposed to do? Handcuff the ex and dump him outside Downing Street?

Another thing that I don’t understand is car insurance. Sure it’s a legal requirement but it’s expensive. I, like many others, have to spread the cost out over the year but recently hit a bump in the road when Government legislation changed. I went from being able to spread the cost over the year, say nine months, to having to pay it in three months. Now, I’m no maths whizz but imposing something like this on the unsuspecting public means a lot of people couldn’t pay their car insurance. In fact I’ve had friends crying down the phone because their insurance company wiped out their bank accounts for their policy, leaving them with no money for food or to pay their bills. But I only found this out today when the very nice insurance man that I was screaming at managed to get me to calm down long enough to explain it to me what the Government had done. I knew nothing about this and it screwed my car insurance up big style.

Last week I had posted about the twitter storm surrounding the Prime Minister and today #CameronMustGo is still going strong if my twitter feed is anything to go by. But something has changed, it no longer appears as a popular tweet in my little sidebar. Have they finally taken away our freedom of speech? Have we finally got under the skin of the Government? It looks like we have started to enter a new era and the message is getting spread far and wide that we are not powerless lemmings. People are researching and digging deep to explain why they are angry. No longer is it just random ravings from loony tunes like myself, it has evolved into a powerful message that we don’t have to take this crap. Those who were once powerless are being empowered by others to stand up and make their voice be heard. People who understand the system are educating those who have no idea. No longer will we tolerate being walked over with sudden law changes that can screw us over. Those who are entitled to help should get it, and shouldn’t have to fight tooth and nail to receive it. A revolution is coming. And right now, I’m sure that the Prime Minister and the all the rest are scared, but are they listening? They had better start paying attention to us all.

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