The Fog || Movie Mondays

The Fog

The Fog is the 2005 remake of the John Carpenter classic of the same name. This supernatural story tells the tale of a fog that engulfs an island and takes revenge on the people who live there. The movie stars Tom Welling, Maggie Grace and Selma Blair.

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Bangor 10k 2017 || Race Report

Bangor 10k

The Bangor 10k is one of the most scenic events in Northern Ireland for local runners. The event is sponsored by George Best Belfast City Airport and had attracted runners from around the globe. But what would I make of the event? And would I even finish it?

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Autumn Places to Visit || Faith Roswell

autumn places to visit

It’s chilly and the number of eight-legged guests in my room has doubled, the trees are fiery in sunshine and brown in the gloom, and town smells of woodsmoke and cinnamon. Depending on the weather you prefer, Autumn can be the best season of all or a gloomy reminder that Winter isn’t far away. For either preference, here are five of the best things you can do in the season of changing colours.

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12 Common Writing Mistakes || Improve Your Blog

writing mistakes

Everyone makes writing mistakes but when blogging is your job, you need to make sure your writing is top-notch. I know I am guilty of making some faux-pas on this site, especially in my early days, but you don’t have to!

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Celebrity Killers || Part 4

celebrity killers murder

Celebrity killers part 4, there are plenty of celebrity scandals from the looks of things. And murder is one of the biggest ones for them to try and cover up. For some, it’s done in self-defence. For others, they have taken someone’s life in cold blood.

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17 of the Richest Female Muslims in the World

richest Muslim females

Muslim woman have¬†had a hard time. As soon as they began to break through barriers in their religion, terrorist attacks across the globe have shaken them. This has made it even harder for them to gain control of their personal freedoms. But this hasn’t stopped these women rising to fame and fortune to become some of the richest women in the world. Some of these women gained the wealth from family or marriage, others worked their behinds off to break through into the male-dominated workforces. Here are 17 of the richest Muslim women in the world.

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