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Bathroom from Hell || Rubber Ducks

My bathroom is a hell hole. I should be ashamed to admit it. But there comes a point when you have to grit your teeth, face facts, and fix the things that your landlord is supposed to fix.

This is pity post, I’m not going to lie. But as a tenant, I’m fed up with my bat-crap crazy landlord. Think of this as a confession. And a chance for me to put it out there what tenants have to deal with.

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Along the side of the bath, there is a leak. The problem is that it’s a nightmare to fix because the bath is not sitting flush against the wall. Instead of tiling the walls, it has a plastic sheeting thing. Those holes have been there since I moved in many years ago, and yes, I have asked so many times to have the bathroom fixed up. But here is the really strange thing. The wall that has the shower on it is half plaster and half plastic, but the wall beside the door is completely covered in plastic. Seriously…..I can’t even with the logic here.

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a bad mould problem. I use so much stuff to keep it at bay. Windows get opened, heating goes on full blast, dehumidifiers…..I even stood with a hairdryer one day to see if it would make any difference. I think it is really bad on this side of the house because the house next door is probably damp. Although I am private rent, the house next door is Housing Executive.  My house is a former Housing Executive house. These houses are known for being crap for damp, mould, mice and god knows what else.

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There are patches of paint on the walls because I was trying something. The pink (that is covered in black mould) is just ordinary paint. The darker colour is kitchen and bathroom paint with anti-mould stuff in it. The kitchen and bathroom stuff is definitely better for damp rooms like the bathroom. (That’s the goal, to get it painted the same colour asap).

I just want to point out that I am aware of health problems and the legal stuff behind mould in a house. The problem is, if you report it to a landlord and force legal action, there is a good chance they will evict you so that they “can deal with the problem”. It is very common and is why most tenants say nothing. When I am able to move and can afford somewhere nice to live, I will be taking her to court because I have reported the mould (and other problems) over the years and she has refused to do anything. But she does like to text every month a week before my rent is due to ask where her rent is.

Bathroom from Hell | Crazy landlord | Where is the rent?

So, what do you think? Nasty isn’t it? Come back again and see if I either A) decorate or B) become a millionaire and move.

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