Monthly Favourites || June 2016

I know, I know! I’m really late with this months favourites but if you watch my YouTube video, you will know why. And yes, I know it the video was up ages ago. I’m a very bad monkey. The simple fact is, sometimes life gets in the way of me doing stuff. Or in this case I had a mountain of horrible drama to deal with.

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Empties from the bathroom: May 2016


Another month has been and gone. And looking at the big pile of bottles in front of me, I’m wondering how I have any skin left. But that is the fun of it all, isn’t it? This month I have creams, lotions and potions that have been tested to their limit. That limit came at the bottom of the empty container. Let’s review the empties from the bathroom.

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Monthly Favourites || Beauty & snacks || May 2016

Everyone has their favourite things in life. For me, this extends beyond beauty products (believe it or not). Sometimes it is nice to have other things to get excited about, it doesn’t matter if they are old or new. This month we talk shampoo, tea, and snacks.

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Shopping haul- Amazon goodies

In case you haven’t noticed recently, we became Amazon affiliates and have been putting links for stuff that you can buy. If you click through these links and buy stuff, the site gets a little commission, yippee! But it’s not just about sales, we actually buy stuff off there too. I recently had a little online shopping spree and thought I’d share it with you.

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Dear Google Chromebook, I hate you

Dear Google Chromebook, this is our story….

Everyone has to start somewhere with technology and once upon a time I had the best of stuff. I used to have a Sony super-awesome laptop until my ex-partner decided to watch porn on it out on the balcony of our apartment one night. It wasn’t the porn that killed the laptop but the three storey drop into the carpark below that smashed it to pieces. I was then forced to get a cheap laptop and have a hard think about my relationship. We aren’t together anymore, not because of the porn, but the complete disregard for my possessions that annoyed me.

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