Movie Monday || Sex and the City

sex and the city

Sex and the City was one of the defining TV series of the late 1990’s and early noughties. In 2008, the long awaited movie arrived and we picked up with the fab foursome. What happened to Carrie and Mr Big? Did Samantha and Smith stay together? And what about Miranda and Charlotte’s marriages and children? So many questions. It’s time for answers.

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My Mr Nice Guy || An interview with Dave Vescio

Dave Vescio

Dave Vescio is a nice guy, and that is probably the strangest way to introduce an interview. But let me explain why I have dubbed him “Mr Nice Guy”.

August 2015 was not a good month for me. For a start, my aunt who battled cancer for 13 years finally lost the fight and passed away. At the beginning of the July, she took a turn for the worse. We spent a lot of time running about and visiting the hospital. After the first week of August, she finally departed this world. I still had a wedding to finish planning in between helping with funeral arrangements. Then there was the wedding. It was a good day in the sense that I married the man of my dreams. But it sucked because, well, family, and that’s all I’m saying. But why am I telling you this? It’s an explanation and an introduction. I still had work to do and that included this interview with Dave Vescio. I will admit, I did not bring my A game for this interview because my head was stuck up my behind. But here is the thing, Dave did not care. He corrected any mistakes that I had made sourcing my information, without being horrible. He was kind and polite, and not once did he complain about how long my “creative process” had taken. Dave is a dark horse with a heart of gold, and if I’m completely honest, if he had not been such a nice guy when he was talking to me, I would have crawled into a hole and never come out again.

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What The Princess Bride taught me about life, love and storytelling.

Let me preface this with a confession which, as a guy who rights about movies should really get me fed to a Rodent Of Unusual Size. Up until a couple of hours before writing this, I had never seen The Princess Bride. I mean, I knew of it, I knew all the quotes, I knew about the special place it held in the pop culture collective unconscious, but I’d never actually sat down and watched it.

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10 Overlooked Horror Classics you NEED to see

At the time of writing, Halloween is just over a month away, so why not prepare by sampling some of these bone-chillingly terrifying selections? recommended by me, R. R. Molyneux, part time necromancer and full-time mouthpiece for the dreams of the Elder Gods…

…what was I saying? Passed out for a second there.

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Why Superhero movies will (probably) never die

We all love superhero movies right? I mean, you clicked on this post, so I can only assume that’s true, unless you actually hate superhero movies and are only clicking on this to leave an angry comment about it, in which case, suck it up buttercup!

Amongst multimedia trends, Superhero movies are pretty unique because they aren’t restricted by the same genre limitations as westerns or horror movies. While The Avengers, The Dark Knight and Kick Ass are all technically part of the same “genre” you’d be hard pressed to point out that many similarities beyond the fact that they are all wearing garish outfits and punching each other.

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