Guide to Stopping a Chili Pepper Burn

Chili pepper burn, my husband once made the mistake of saying “it must be worse than childbirth”. Having been through childbirth, I’m inclined to agree with him because at least in childbirth they can give you the good drugs to stop the pain.

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KappaCino Book Club || The Secret of Weight

When it comes to weight loss or anything like that, it can be confusing. I’m no expert on the subject but I can spot a load of rubbish from a mile off. I have no time for fad diets or the latest craze. So when I got asked to review “The Secret of Weight”, I was a little skeptical.

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The Guide for Surviving Manflu


Manflu, it’s one of those things that completely sucks. I’m currently sitting typing this up while I’m loaded with the cold but I hear manflu is worse. Manflu has taken down even the manliest of men. We are sure even James Bond had to have a duvet day with the sniffles after disarming a missile in the snow. But he had to get back out there pretty quickly again or some other spy would get the girl with the double-entendre name. Here are some of the best remedies for man flu to get you back in fighting form again.
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Top 10 Inspiring Women Olympians

inspiring women Olympians

There is nothing like a sport event to bring people together and cheer for their favourite athlete. But the ladies often get overlooked when it comes to sporting ability. Just read some of the headlines that appeared since Rio 2016 Olympics started. But I’m not one to dwell on what those idiots who work in print think. We, the generation of the internet, milky sweet lattes, and adult colouring books; we know better. And we know that the ladies who are competing in Rio are kicking ass. Here are my top 10 inspiring women Olympians of all time who deserve gold for winning at life.

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Latte Lindsay’s Top Healthy Cooking Channels on YouTube

healthy eating cooking channels

Healthy eating is everywhere these days. You can’t shake a stick at Instagram without a million healthy eating pictures popping up. But let’s forget about #foodporn for the moment. Have you ever wanted to eat a bit better but didn’t know where to start? Never fear! Seeing as I live on YouTube now (and the internet in general) I have the answer for you. I have searched for some of the best healthy cooking YouTube channels to help you get your new healthy lifestyle off to a flying start. These healthy cooking YouTube channels and videos will ensure you have all the tricks and tools you need to rustle up delectable goodies at home; delectable goodies that are low in fat and calories. Hurray!

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A few thoughts on health and fitness

health and fitness

Health and fitness has been on everyone’s lips for the last few years. Everyone wants to know what is going to be good for them. But is “healthy” these days? And how can we be sure that we aren’t doing damage to our bodies?

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Real Reviews || Jojoba Oil

Eden's Semilla Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil had been talked about for years for its uses in aromatherapy and beauty. But does it really work? And what does it even do? This is more than a review, this is an investigation into the unknown!

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My Ultimate Guide to Surviving a hangover

The source of the hangover, my cocktail table

Alcohol, or booze as it is sometimes known as. It is a wonderful liquid that can fill our lives with joy! It can be the magic potion which makes people more attractive and dance better. But at some point you will underestimate what your liver can handle and you get a horrible hangover.  Continue reading My Ultimate Guide to Surviving a hangover

Get skinny or die tryin’ || Dangers of DNP

dangers of diet pills

Summer is just around the corner and most people will be looking for ways to look their best for bikini season. But how far would you go? And what dangers would you risk for a killer beach body? There is a growing trend with young women and men who are reaching for diet and slimming aids to help melt away the pounds. But does anyone really know what they are taking? Recently it has come to my attention that the number of people taking slimming aids is on the increase and many have died in the process.

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The Ultimate Anti-Sickness Smoothie

anti-sickness smoothie

We have all been there at some point and it can come in many forms. And it isn’t pleasant in the slightest. But that doesn’t mean that you should suffer with the feeling nausea. So whether you feel sick because of a tummy bug, food poisoning, pregnancy, or even a bad-ass hangover, here is the cure to help you ride it out. This anti-sickness smoothie has been tried and tested by myself for some of the worst hangovers you have ever seen, and if it can get me through a whiskey hangover, then it should help you out in any other way.

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