Amazing health benefits of beer


I’m sure you have all heard the stories of having a drink to help boost your health. But what is the best one? Well, it turns out that having one or two beers a day can be great for you. Moderate beer drinking has real benefits for the body. But be warned, anything more than 2 beers a day will undo all the health benefits. Remember to drink in moderation. Here are some awesome things about beer that will keep you healthy.

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The benefits of Booze


In today’s world, we are constantly being told that we need to be healthy and think about what we are putting into our bodies. But did you know that just a little bit of alcohol can be good for you? There are plenty of studies out there supporting the claims that a bit of booze can be good for you so I have pulled the info from them for your reading pleasure. Now when you are sipping on one of my recommended cocktails, you can feel smug about doing such a good job of looking after your body. High five you! Here are the awesome health benefits of booze!

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Ultimate Strongman || Battle of Britain || Four Nations

Ultimate Strongman Bangor

Ultimate Strongman is one of the toughest challenges of strength that a person can go through. On 1st July 2017, the Battle of Britain came to Bangor, Northern Ireland. Four nations competed against each other for the top prize in front of a crowd of thousands.

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KappaCino Book Club || The Secret of Weight

When it comes to weight loss or anything like that, it can be confusing. I’m no expert on the subject but I can spot a load of rubbish from a mile off. I have no time for fad diets or the latest craze. So when I got asked to review “The Secret of Weight”, I was a little skeptical.

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The Guide for Surviving Manflu


Manflu, it’s one of those things that completely sucks. I’m currently sitting typing this up while I’m loaded with the cold but I hear manflu is worse. Manflu has taken down even the manliest of men. We are sure even James Bond had to have a duvet day with the sniffles after disarming a missile in the snow. But he had to get back out there pretty quickly again or some other spy would get the girl with the double-entendre name. Here are some of the best remedies for man flu to get you back in fighting form again.
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Top 10 Inspiring Women Olympians

inspiring women Olympians

There is nothing like a sport event to bring people together and cheer for their favourite athlete. But the ladies often get overlooked when it comes to sporting ability. Just read some of the headlines that appeared since Rio 2016 Olympics started. But I’m not one to dwell on what those idiots who work in print think. We, the generation of the internet, milky sweet lattes, and adult colouring books; we know better. And we know that the ladies who are competing in Rio are kicking ass. Here are my top 10 inspiring women Olympians of all time who deserve gold for winning at life.

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