Spiritual Healing

There comes a point for everyone when they need some rest and relaxation, a spiritual battery recharge so to speak. Lisa at Naturally Clean NI knows just how you feel and has some products for those of you who need a bit of “me time”.

Bath Fizz Pots


I don’t know about anyone else but I love a bath every once in a while to help with some de-stressing. Made with thyme and lavender, the pots have a heady yet relaxing fragrance to help you unwind. The fizz from these pots are great, just enough to make you think you are in a jacuzzi instead of your regular tub. The pots also contain neem oil which I find is fantastic for my stretch marks. These are all round winners for relaxing in the bath after a hard day.

Black Salt


For those of you who are more spiritual, you will know the benefits of black salt. For those of you who don’t, black salt is used for removing negativity. I love Lisa’s blend because you can use it anyway you like. I’ve tried some in the bath, as a foot soak, and I have a pot of it by the front door.

Mind Enhancer Oil


Ok, I confess, this is my favorite thing in my most recent goodie bag. This oil smells divine! The Spirituality blend contains ylang ylang, patchouli, and rose geranium oils, all together these smell awesome. When I sit down to work I dab a little bit on to my pressure points to help me get focused with the task at hand. Did I mention it smells gorgeous?

Loose Incense


Lisa makes a variety of loose incense for any need. Her list includes “African Power”, “Love and Protection”, and “Biblical”. All of her blends are made with natural herbs and resins so it’s a very clean smells you get from it instead of the musty stink you get with the regular hippie sticks. All you need is a heat-proof dish and a charcoal disk to burn it on. Lisa does recommend something heavy duty like cast iron as the charcoal disk can get very hot. This little incense pack goes a long way and it even comes with a dinky little spoon to help dish it out. Lisa made me a special mix for me to use when I am writing to help stay focused because sometimes I can get distracted and…….look a squirrel!

Spiritual Mist Spray

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These mists are hand brewed with natural oils and powders to give a strong blast to your senses. I found that this was just as good as coffee for giving me a quick pick me up in the afternoon when my energy levels are feeling low. Give the bottle a good shake and spray into the air around, then breathe it in. Each bottle comes with a scroll of how best to use it including a meditation to help you relax.

Another fantastic goody bag from Lisa again this month. I can’t wait for next month when she has some new soaps for me to try and some new incense blends. If you need something to help you relax and recharge those batteries then check out Lisa and her full range at www.facebook.com/naturallycleanni

I also made a YouTube video about Lisas products and you can watch it here

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