Movie Monday || Sex and the City

sex and the city

Sex and the City was one of the defining TV series of the late 1990’s and early noughties. In 2008, the long awaited movie arrived and we picked up with the fab foursome. What happened to Carrie and Mr Big? Did Samantha and Smith stay together? And what about Miranda and Charlotte’s marriages and children? So many questions. It’s time for answers.

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My Mr Nice Guy || An interview with Dave Vescio

Dave Vescio

Dave Vescio is a nice guy, and that is probably the strangest way to introduce an interview. But let me explain why I have dubbed him “Mr Nice Guy”.

August 2015 was not a good month for me. For a start, my aunt who battled cancer for 13 years finally lost the fight and passed away. At the beginning of the July, she took a turn for the worse. We spent a lot of time running about and visiting the hospital. After the first week of August, she finally departed this world. I still had a wedding to finish planning in between helping with funeral arrangements. Then there was the wedding. It was a good day in the sense that I married the man of my dreams. But it sucked because, well, family, and that’s all I’m saying. But why am I telling you this? It’s an explanation and an introduction. I still had work to do and that included this interview with Dave Vescio. I will admit, I did not bring my A game for this interview because my head was stuck up my behind. But here is the thing, Dave did not care. He corrected any mistakes that I had made sourcing my information, without being horrible. He was kind and polite, and not once did he complain about how long my “creative process” had taken. Dave is a dark horse with a heart of gold, and if I’m completely honest, if he had not been such a nice guy when he was talking to me, I would have crawled into a hole and never come out again.

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KappaCino Book Club || Maternity Leavers

When it comes to books, they can help with life choices and changes. Sometimes you need something that will provide you with a different perspective. And when it comes to maternity leave, you might have a bit of time on your hands before your bundle of joy arrives. In this session of the KappaCino Book Club, we look at Maternity Leavers by Soozi Baggs.

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LinkedIn for Authors: Ten Top Tips

LinkedIn for Authors: Ten Top Tips

For authors, who you know can be just as important as what you know. The connections that you make throughout your career are one of your most valuable resources that you can have. You never know when you might pick up an email from an old friend with a new opportunity.


And that’s why LinkedIn can come in handy – after all, as the world’s premier social networking site for professionals, it helps you to connect with contacts and to follow them throughout their careers. I’ve teamed up with Dane Cobain to help you make the most out of LinkedIn. The problem with LinkedIn is the etiquette can be tricky, and many authors find it difficult to tell where to start. Here are ten tips to get you going.

Personalise Your Messages

When you send connection requests, take the time to personalise your messages by offering a little context. Tell people where you met them or let them know how you might be able to help them. Use their names where possible, to show that you’re not an automaton, and include personal details from previous conversations to show that you listened to them.

Join Groups

LinkedIn Groups offer a fantastic way for writers to connect with like-minded individuals, from networking groups and industry chatrooms to specialist groups for cover designers, editors and other industry professionals. Just be sure to avoid self-promotion – people will notice, and it’s usually against the rules.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is the name of the company’s inbuilt news platform, and it’s a good idea for writers to take advantage of it by regularly posting articles. These posts are pushed out into your news feed, and people are able to easily like and share them or to leave a comment to continue the discussion. The very best articles are featured in their relevant categories, typically leading to several thousand extra views.

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The Ultimate Guide to Free Tea and Coffee

free coffee guide

If you are addicted to coffee or tea then you probably understand that it can be quite an expensive habit to maintain even though it only costs a few pence to prepare at home.

If you spend £2.25 on a single Tall Starbucks Latte each working day for one year, you will have spent over £750 on coffee. This is not a joke. For that amount, you can get a brand new iPhone 6S or 8 years of Netflix subscriptions.

However, you can use several sneaky methods to get a free daily fix of caffeine and I have provided what I believe to be the most comprehensive guide to grabbing free brews in existence. Trust me, the site is called Latte Lindsay for a reason.

Completely Free Coffee and Tea

You should always keep a close watch on our food and drink page and our free stuff page for additional short-lived freebie coffees and teas. Starbucks gives out free beverages regularly but such offers only last for one day, so keep on checking.

Straightforward Free Offers from Cafes


If you want to get a completely free cup of coffee or tea every day without having to buy anything, you should consider signing up for a free MyWaitrose card. However, there are several “catches” even though they are not so bad:

After picking up your free drink, you are not allowed to simply walk out with it but rather you should take it to a till and then hand over the MyWaitrose card.

You cannot receive a free drink and sit in a Waitrose café with it. If you do not wish to pay for it, you have to take it to go.

That is it. This is simply the most generous free hot drink programme available and you are very lucky if you study, work, or live close to a Waitrose.


If you don’t live, work, or study near a Waitrose but live in North West England, then you can enjoy the same deal from Booths, which is the regional supermarket. With a Booths Card, you can receive a free coffee or tea every day without having to make a purchase.


At the Welsh/Midlands homeware store Privilege card members receive a free coffee or tea Mondays to Fridays.

John Lewis

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