Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis || KappaCino Book Club

Prince Caspian || Kappacino Book Club

Prince Caspian is the fourth book of the Naria series by C.S. Lewis. This story follows the return of the Pevensie children to Narnia. Once they arrive, they realise that Narnia has changed and the beasts have been driven into hiding by the Telmarines.

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Justice League || Movie Mondays

Justice League is the fifth movie which is set in the DC Extended Universe. This instalment follows Batman as he recruits the other members of the Justice League after the death of Superman.

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Sarah Harradine || The Big Quiz

sarah harradine || social sundays the big quiz

The Big Quiz on Social Sundays is turning into one of the most popular places to be in the blogging world! Haha! No, not really. But just because I’m not popular doesn’t mean that the bloggers that come here aren’t. This week, Sarah Harradine answers those questions that you didn’t need to know the answers to.

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The Big Sleep: How To Get Your Most Restful Night Ever

the big sleep: how to get your most restful night ever

A good night’s sleep is the most restorative, needful thing for our health and wellbeing, but the epidemic of insomnia is affecting more and more of us.

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I have no idea,what I am doing? || Confessions of a blogger

i have no idea, what am I doing? \\ Confessions of a blogger

If you are reading this, you are probably a blogger. Everyone goes into blogging for different reasons. Some go into it for the fame and fortune. Others do it to share knowledge or opinions on stuff. Whatever your reason for blogging, everyone is bound by the same rules, the rules of SEO.

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The Like Train

The like train

Like4like is one of those strange things that we all think about from time to time. And in a world where social media and the numbers of followers count, bloggers need to have those numbers high. But why do alike train? Isn’t it a fake way of getting followers? It might seem that way but it can be good fun. I always take part in these types of trains, not just for gaining a bigger following on my own page. That is only one of my reasons. Another is that I get to discover new blogs.

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The Dreaded Move

the dreaded move

To a lot of people, a move screams excitement. To others, it is an absolute nightmare that needs to be avoided at all costs. But moving can’t be avoided, it can only be tackled and dealt with in the most organised way possible. The reason why so many people struggle with a move is that they’re either underprepared, or they rush around without thinking about things step by step. So, we’re going to take the dreaded out of the dreaded move for you. Moving can be easy, and we’re going to talk you through how you can make sure your first, or even next, the move can be a walk in the park.

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Sleep mistakes you are making and how to fix them

Everyone needs to sleep but are you getting the best sleep? There are loads of common mistakes that people are making that can affect their sleep quality. I found this handy info sheet online and thought I would share its wisdom with you in the hope that we can all sleep better.

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What is dating?

what is dating

Dating is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot, but what is dating? And what is the history behind it all? Fasten your seatbelts! We are having a look at dating and how far back courtship can really go.

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The Key Issues That’ll Define the Future of Politics

It might seem that we’re living in pretty turbulent times, but there’s nothing all that surprising about the state of the world – if you take a look at the past few decades, and the policies and the general shift in views that have lead to this point. If we know where we are, and what’s to come, then we can have a pretty good understanding of the issues that we’ll face in the future. Below, we take a look at a few of some of these issues, and how they may influence the political sphere.

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