Welcome to Latte Lindsay, the place that is filled with over-caffeinated ramblings from the edge of insanity. Covering everything from movies, to philosophy to shilling the latest products for proud vagina wielders and dick swingers alike (we’ve all gotta eat right?).  Whether you want to sit on the sidelines and spectate or get stuck in, we welcome all, except you at the back, not you, you! You look a bit shifty.

Latte Lindsay


Lindsay started off this writing stuff back when she was a little munchkin. She had a typewriter and a dream….and then she grew up and ended up doing the usual boring grown-up stuff. But a couple of years ago she decided that it was now or never. Since then she has been featured all across the internet! From her local paper, The Belfast Telegraph, to Soul and Spirit magazine. She even writes books that will eventually get published. When she isn’t here, she is over at her YouTube channel or her other site, Crime Uncovered and is studying to be a criminal psychologist. One day she hopes to find the real identity of Jack the Ripper and who really ate all the pies.  Her passions include reading, trying out new products, and being complete geek. But she only gets time to do these things when she is done wrangling her two kids while trying to grow another.

I run several affiliate schemes here on the site including Vidahost and Amazon so if you choose to click on the links and buy something then the site receives a commission to keep me in cheap coffee and expensive shoes. All of the reviews here are honest so if it says I like it, I like it. I don’t do sponsored posts and opinions cannot be bought by companies. All of the opinions here are my own and I refuse to change them for the sake of selling out. Mmmkay?

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