LinkedIn for Authors: Ten Top Tips

LinkedIn for Authors: Ten Top Tips

For authors, who you know can be just as important as what you know. The connections that you make throughout your career are one of your most valuable resources that you can have. You never know when you might pick up an email from an old friend with a new opportunity.


And that’s why LinkedIn can come in handy – after all, as the world’s premier social networking site for professionals, it helps you to connect with contacts and to follow them throughout their careers. I’ve teamed up with Dane Cobain to help you make the most out of LinkedIn. The problem with LinkedIn is the etiquette can be tricky, and many authors find it difficult to tell where to start. Here are ten tips to get you going.

Personalise Your Messages

When you send connection requests, take the time to personalise your messages by offering a little context. Tell people where you met them or let them know how you might be able to help them. Use their names where possible, to show that you’re not an automaton, and include personal details from previous conversations to show that you listened to them.

Join Groups

LinkedIn Groups offer a fantastic way for writers to connect with like-minded individuals, from networking groups and industry chatrooms to specialist groups for cover designers, editors and other industry professionals. Just be sure to avoid self-promotion – people will notice, and it’s usually against the rules.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is the name of the company’s inbuilt news platform, and it’s a good idea for writers to take advantage of it by regularly posting articles. These posts are pushed out into your news feed, and people are able to easily like and share them or to leave a comment to continue the discussion. The very best articles are featured in their relevant categories, typically leading to several thousand extra views.

Embed Media

Most people don’t realise that they’re able to embed multimedia – such as video clips or presentations – into their profile. It’s a good idea to do so, because it can help you to stand out in a sea of indie authors and because visual content tends to be more accessible and engaging. Consider embedding a book trailer if you have one, or a general introduction to your work in the form of a presentation if not.

Leave and Request Recommendations

One of LinkedIn’s most well-known and unique features is its recommendation functionality. This allows users to leave written testimonials on each other’s profiles, which can help to cement your reputation within the industry. Make a habit of leaving recommendations for other people when they’ve helped you with something, and request recommendations in return when it’s appropriate to do so.

Use Slideshare

Slideshare is technically a third-party, but the burgeoning social network is owned by LinkedIn and it offers several different ways to integrate it with your professional profile. As a social network for sharing Powerpoint presentations and slide decks, you can use it to upload and share any talks that you give at workshops and conferences.

Share Your URL

Remember to head into your settings and to select a customised URL for your profile so that it’s easier for people to find you. Use this URL on business cards, in email signatures and in any other forms of communication when you’re working with bloggers, agents and publishers.

Share Third-Party Content

Just because you’re an author, it doesn’t mean that you can only share content that you’ve written yourself. In fact, sharing links to relevant, third-party content helps to show that you’re active in the industry, allowing you to demonstrate both your personality and your professional opinion on the key issues that are affecting writers in your genre.

Consider Paid Options

LinkedIn is one of the only major social networking sites to offer a paid option, and while it may seem counterintuitive to pay for what’s ostensibly a free social network, it has its advantages. LinkedIn has a range of different paid options that are targeted to different types of user, so be sure to look at each of them to determine which option is best for you.

Follow Publishers

Many publishers have company pages on the network, and you can follow these for updates on competitions, submission windows and other opportunities that you might not otherwise be party to. Interact with the ones that you’re most interested in on a regular basis – this will help to get your name in front of them and, when it comes to submitting a manuscript, they’ll remember you and know that you’re not just cold emailing every publisher you could find.

Your Turn

Do you use LinkedIn? What aspects of the site do you find to be most useful? Let us know what you think with a comment.

About the author

This post is written by Dane Cobain and sponsored by Publishing Addict, an organisation that specialises in developing authors websites to help them to establish a brand, connect with their readers and to sell more books.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Tea and Coffee

free coffee guide

If you are addicted to coffee or tea then you probably understand that it can be quite an expensive habit to maintain even though it only costs a few pence to prepare at home.

If you spend £2.25 on a single Tall Starbucks Latte each working day for one year, you will have spent over £750 on coffee. This is not a joke. For that amount, you can get a brand new iPhone 6S or 8 years of Netflix subscriptions.

However, you can use several sneaky methods to get a free daily fix of caffeine and I have provided what I believe to be the most comprehensive guide to grabbing free brews in existence. Trust me, the site is called Latte Lindsay for a reason.

Completely Free Coffee and Tea

You should always keep a close watch on our food and drink page and our free stuff page for additional short-lived freebie coffees and teas. Starbucks gives out free beverages regularly but such offers only last for one day, so keep on checking.

Straightforward Free Offers from Cafes


If you want to get a completely free cup of coffee or tea every day without having to buy anything, you should consider signing up for a free MyWaitrose card. However, there are several “catches” even though they are not so bad:

After picking up your free drink, you are not allowed to simply walk out with it but rather you should take it to a till and then hand over the MyWaitrose card.

You cannot receive a free drink and sit in a Waitrose café with it. If you do not wish to pay for it, you have to take it to go.

That is it. This is simply the most generous free hot drink programme available and you are very lucky if you study, work, or live close to a Waitrose.


If you don’t live, work, or study near a Waitrose but live in North West England, then you can enjoy the same deal from Booths, which is the regional supermarket. With a Booths Card, you can receive a free coffee or tea every day without having to make a purchase.


At the Welsh/Midlands homeware store Privilege card members receive a free coffee or tea Mondays to Fridays.

John Lewis

In the past, when you signed up for a My John Lewis card you would receive a voucher for 6 months free hot drinks and cake from a John Lewis café to all. However, the policy changed and the vouchers are no longer sent out to everyone but many people still get them via post meaning that it is still worth it to sign up.

O2 Priority Moments

You can often get a free drink from Caffe Nero via O2 Priority Moments. Currently, every Tuesday you can receive a freebie in store and you aren’t even required to be on O2 to get the app. Find out how to get it one any network here.

Benugo (London and Birmingham Only)

Receive a free coffee from Benugo after signing up to its newsletter and another free one on your birthday.

PAUL (Oxford, Birmingham, and London Only)

Get your free coffee and croissant once you get your La Carte Noir loyalty card then register it online.

Harris + Hoole (The South East and London Only)

Download your Harris + Hoole loyalty app and receive your free coffee right away.

Donating Blood

Everybody that donates blood receives a free hot drink as well as a biscuit in addition to the bonus of potentially saving somebody’s life. Find out more about blood donation here.

If you are still feeling charitable you should take a look at our ways to save lives for free.


Whittards, the famous Chelsea tea shop is always giving out free samples of coffees, teas, and hot chocolate to people in shops. This could also be a great option if you are only after a shot glass of builders’.

Battle of Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes might look great since they offer you freebies and helps companies ensure that you never fail to come back for more. However, some loyalty schemes can be quite stingy even requiring you to first buy up to 15 cups of coffee before receiving anything in return. I have been putting the loyalty schemes to the test to find out what is really worth signing to.

Caffe Nero has a stamp card you can get in store whereby 9 stamps (or 9 drinks) is equal to 1 free hot drink, which is not bad at all.

Starbucks has the most challenging loyalty scheme to get a free drink out of. You first have to sign up for the My Starbucks Rewards Card, which is not a loyalty card but rather a payment card that you have to top up and use to pay for your orders. Once you do this and top up at least £5, you will receive a star for each transaction you make at Starbucks via the scheme. You will only get your free cup of coffee after making 15 purchases. This is definitely not good.

Fast Food Restaurants

The coffee loyalty scheme does not involve cafes exclusively since fast food restaurants also do have generous freebie offers.

Every hot drink cup that comes from McDonald’s has a card with a small coffee bean sticker. Once you peel off stickers from 6 cups and put them all on a single card, you will receive a free drink.

Get your Subway Subcard and earn 10 points for every pound that you spend, and you only require 100 points to get your free hot drink.

The KFC loyalty app and card awards a stamp each time you spend more than £3, and you just require 3 stamps to get your free hot drink. You will receive a free stamp once you register the card online, which means that it is just 2.

If you are a Greggs customer, you will receive a free coffee after buying 7 coffees and scanning the Greggs Rewards app each time.

Latte Lindsay’s Top 10 Geeks


Over the last few years, there has been a big shift in how geeks are portrayed on the screen. And throughout the world, there is a trend of people identifying with characters from TV shows and movies. I always identify with the geek in the show or movie. Here are the top 10 Geeks from TV and film that make me happy.

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Dog Blogs || Shopping for dogs

rescue dogs 2 dog

This was something that was written a while ago when Diesel was still with us. I had been going back and forth about changing it and taking Deisel out. But he was here when I wrote it and only died a few months later. I have decided to keep him because he was part of my family.

I’ve included links to Amazon in case you want to get any of this stuff for your doggies. They are affiliate links and I earn a bit of cash if you choose to buy through these links. Also, in the interest of total disclosure, the review is not of Amazon. These items were originally sent to me as part of a subscription service that I paid for. The company has since went under and I lost a bit of money as I had paid for the year in advance. But rather than leave the name of the company in, I’ve changed it to Amazon because you can get most of the items on there. Thanks for understanding. Happy reading and shopping.

Hello humans! We are Buffy the Black Lab, Krypto the Husky, and Diesel the Staffie, a merry band of doggy’s that live with our human, Lindsay. Every day little parcels arrive at our home from the evil postman (GRRRR!) but one day he showed up with a box for us from Amazon Pets.

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